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Artificial Sports Turf Options

If you operate a sports complex or if you have kids who constantly want to practice sports at home, you know the challenges with maintenance for natural grass. Wearing out grass through frequent athletic practice can ruin your yard at home. For sports facilities that rely on full fields for weekend tournaments, having worn spots from weekday practices can disappoint the players and parents on the weekend.

That’s where artificial sports turf from Greatmats enters the picture. Our fields are durable, of great value, and perfectly designed. Never worry about overuse leading to bare spots and dead grass. Never cancel tournaments because of heavy overnight rains again. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor athletic field or turf, the quality of our synthetic turf options can make each youth team feel like it is playing professional sports. Let the constant practices and games commence!

Where to Use Athletic Sports Turf

Many different locations can take advantage of the quality and value offered by our artificial grass for sports, including:
  • Sports facilities
  • Rec centers
  • Sports complexes
  • City recreation departments
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Churches
  • Stadiums
  • Practice facilities
  • Indoor hitting facilities
  • YMCAs
  • Athletic facilities
  • Fitness centers
  • Gymnasiums
  • Homes

Features and Benefits of Artificial Sports Turf

Sport turf products offer multiple benefits for home and commercial customers.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy. Just use a vacuum cleaner or leaf blower.
  • We have numerous color options in certain products, including black, blue, clay, orange, red, gray, white, and others.
  • Many of our outdoor products have UV protection to help with sun fade resistance.
  • Some rolls of turf have a padded layer attached to the bottom, while others require an infill.
  • There are multiple sizes of rolls, including some designed to cover small spaces at a good price.
  • These products have different pile heights, so you can match the length of the faux grass to the sport.
  • Warranty periods for these rolls of turf can be 10 to 15 years.

Common Sports Synthetic Grass Use Cases

Some examples of how customers make use of our rolls of sports athletic turf include:
  • For a golf practice area, select a small mat or a roll of turf with a low pile height to ensure a true ball roll and bounce, ideal for chipping and putting.
  • When you don’t have a hard tennis court to use with a ball return machine, firm athletic turf with a low pile height delivers realistic bounces.
  • For baseball or softball fielding practice, a medium pile height is a good choice, as it will simulate what players will see on the field.
  • For baseball or softball batting cages, a short pile height in the turf with our Home Plate Hitting Mat over the top will prevent too much wear in certain locations.
  • Soccer and football practice areas will want a taller pile height in the artificial blades of grass, mimicking what that type of field delivers.
  • Those performing sled work or participating in general workouts at an athletic facility will prefer a taller pile height for the best traction.

Artificial Sports Turf Q&A

How long does outdoor turf last?

The typical lifespan of outdoor artificial sports turf is 20 years or more. Even though these products have a 10-to-15-year warranty, most of our customers receive a longer lifespan by performing proper maintenance over the years.

What’s the best indoor soccer turf?

The best indoor soccer turf must provide a safe surface for the athletes while also providing a true ball roll that’s a necessity for high-level soccer. One of our favorites is the Gym Turf 365 Portable Indoor Sports Turf.

What are the best batting cage turf options?

The best batting cage turf must be able to stand up to repeated workouts in the same location, meaning durability is a must. Players want some cushioning, but they should not sink into the turf. Even with durable turf in a batting cage, we recommend adding an extra hitting mat over the top in the areas where batters are taking hundreds of swings during a practice session.

What is the best turf for softball?

The best turf for softball gives players a feel, ball roll, and ball bounce that mimics natural grass. Having a realistic softball turf is vital for helping your team perform defensive drills that will carry over seamlessly to the grass fields. One of our favorites is the All Sport Artificial Grass Turf Roll.

Can corkball be played on artificial sports turf and which sport grass is best?

Yes, corkball is a game that works extremely well on athletic turf. Because this game has similarities to baseball, but it’s made for a far smaller field, corkball sports turf that’s similar to baseball sport grass will work perfectly for corkball. One of our favorites is Greatmats Baseball Turf Pro Plus.

Whether you need turf for professional sports, rec centers, or somewhere in between, Greatmats has the products you can trust. Our customer service team can help you find just the right option for your needs.