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Rubber Gym Matting & Flooring: Pro and Home Gym Floor Mats

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Products: Showing 97-144 of 216
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Showing 97-144 of 216 Products
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Gym matting options for home and pro, rubber gym floor mats, foam exercise and gym floors

Gym matting pieces are flooring options commonly used for exercising, often made of recycled material. They are designed for athletic court or workout surfaces that require durable, long lasting performance for commercial or residential settings.

Greatmats rubber gym flooring is available in black and custom colors. It’s commonly found in sizes of 4x6 feet. Use rubber gym floors for weight lifting, cardio, and CrossFit training centers.

Exercise Mats for Gym Floor

Rubber roll works nicely for gym floor matting. It is great for larger installations. As a floor mats gym product, it reduces the number of seams compared to tiling.

Installation is fairly easy. An individual roll is hefty, so having a few people on hand is a good idea. At Greatmats, we offer numerous thickness choices.

Lengths can be custom cut as needed. We have pre-sized deliveries at 10 ft long that can ship via ground service. As gym matting, 1/4 inch rolls are great to place under athletics equipment.

Our recycled rubber gym flooring rolls are suitable for any use. They can be used in middle schools, high schools, college fitness centers, houses, and businesses.

Larger sections measure 4 ft wide and 25 or 50 feet long. They’re suitable for large scale installations. Laying out the gym matting floor in a roll format can help reduce installation leftovers.

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