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Options for Gym Wall Padding & Mats

Protecting the athletes in a gymnasium with cement block walls involves installing wall padding. Vinyl-covered gym wall padding offers shock absorption and cushion for players, reducing physical harm from collisions. Safety wall pads for school or wall mats for home gyms are available as either wood-backed or non-wood wall pads. At Greatmats, we have selections that are Made in the USA and available in custom shapes and specific customer sizes, all with quality workmanship.

Types of Gym Wall Pads

Our wall mats for gym and outdoor use are available in several different formats, so you can find the perfect solution.
  • Wall Mats WB Z Clip: Uses a hidden metal mounting system
  • Wall Mats WB Lip TB: Uses a direct wall attachment
  • Pole or Column Padding: Padded mats that surround support posts or columns
  • Stage Padding: Use in a gymnasium that also has a performance stage area
  • Outdoor Fence Padding: Use on baseball, football, and softball fields’ fences

Benefits of Gym Wall Padding & Mats

Basketball wall padding provides a number of benefits for the school, coaches, and athletes.
  • Maximize safety, whether working with young children or sports teams in fast-paced games.
  • Potentially prevent devastating injuries that can occur in just seconds by providing important cushioning.
  • Create a cohesive, professional appearance.
  • Incorporate a school's, team's, or facility's branding.
  • Outfit either indoor or outdoor sports areas.
  • Request customization to fit around objects.

Features of Gym Wall Mats

The vinyl-covered foam in our wall padding is durable and has a host of other helpful safety features.
  • Delivers protection for indoor or outdoor usage.
  • Guards athletes for multiple kinds of activities.
  • Covers several vertical feet on the wall to protect against full-speed impacts or impacts when falling.
  • Works for multiple kinds of mounting surfaces.
  • Allows for pre-made cutouts for electrical outlets, door handles, and light switches.
  • Works for either permanent mounting or temporary mounting.
  • Offers customization with school’s, team’s, or organization’s custom graphics or logo.
  • Delivers designs made to guard against poles, beams, or other obstacles in the playing area.

Where to Use Wall Padding for Gyms

Our padding for walls can be deployed in many locations, whether you need protection on a court, in an outdoor field, or near a stage in a dual-purpose gymnasium.
  • Gymnasiums
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Rec centers
  • YMCAs
  • Church gyms
  • Dual-purpose theaters and gyms
  • Private school gyms
  • Martial arts studios
  • Garage gyms
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Indoor soccer field

Custom Gym Wall Pads & Mats

When you order gym padding for schools, you can customize it to perfectly fit your situation.

Printing: Request colors, logos, text, and graphics for the vinyl cover.

Sizes: Request sizes of padding that fit your space perfectly.

Cutouts: Request pre-cut areas in the mats to allow access to doorknobs, electrical outlets, and light switches on the wall.

Customizable Wall Padding in a Gym

We have numerous selections suitable for schools, universities, and commercial gyms. We are proud to carry polyethylene foam pads with various installation styles and design options, as well as some customized selections.

Column and Pole Custom Padding Solutions

Occasionally, gyms, wrestling facilities, and athletic rooms might have I-beams and other square, rectangular, or oddly shaped poles. Some of these support structures are found in the center of the room, too. These structures need to be wrapped for the safety of athletes. Customized column pads and corner pads are a smart solution to this problem.

How to Measure for Custom Wall Pads in a Gymnasium

When measuring the space to order our custom products, take measurements for wall padding to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. Take note of any areas that need cutouts. Then precisely measure for the gym wall padding cutouts by marking the locations for these items on your plans.

How to Install Gymnasium Wall Padding

It’s vital to follow the gym wall padding installation instructions precisely. If there’s an error in the installation, it could negate the safety measures that the pads are designed to provide. The final installation techniques depend on the mounting system in use and on the type of material you have in the gym walls.

Gym Wall Padding Q&A

How do you attach gym padding to concrete blocks?

Z-clips make attaching gym wall pads to concrete easier. These innovative clips can be attached to the panel's back by screwing them into the plywood backing. The other side of the clip is then screwed into the wall, making for a simple installation. The mounting hardware is concealed behind the pads.

Are gym wall pads fire-rated?

They can be fire-rated with the right material. We offer quite a few models that have a Class A fire rating. Additionally, many of the wall padding options found with Greatmats are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

How do you put custom graphics on basketball court wall padding?

When ordering basketball wall pads for gyms from Greatmats, you simply can request to have custom graphics added to gym wall padding’s vinyl outer layer. Just send us an email with the logo or graphics you want to use, and we will provide proof that you can review before the final order goes into the system.

Which sports need wall padding?

When wondering which sports need wall padding, think about any sport where kids may be chasing a ball or playing with physical contact. The pads protect the athletes as they are playing or practicing in a gymnasium or at an outdoor stadium where they may contact a wall, including: Martial arts, Boxing, Baseball, Football, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball.

What can I use for garage wall padding?

Hanging garage wall padding to protect athletes when using the garage space for a gymnasium can be a challenge. However, the best product to use is a wall pad that has a soft foam inner core with a durable vinyl outer layer that maintains the shape of the cushion.

What are the easiest martial arts wall mats to install?

The easiest martial arts wall pad mats to install are the gymnasium wall pads that we offer at Greatmats. These designs are ideal for mounting to several different kinds of walls as a DIY job. Some people like to use folding mats as temporary wall pads, too.