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Top 4 Chemical Resistant Anti Fatigue Mats

By Paige Cerulli Created: June, 2018 - Modified: August, 2023

Anti fatigue mats can help to make any workplace both safer and more comfortable for employees. Whether you're looking for a mat to outfit your own home garage or want a mat to use in an industrial setting, we're certain to have a mat that's right for your needs.

It's important to choose a mat that's suitable for the environment, though, and mats used in factories, kitchens, and industrial settings may be exposed to chemicals, grease, and other elements. Chemicals in particular can damage an anti fatigue mat, which is why we offer a special selection of chemical resistant anti fatigue mats.

Why You Need Chemical Resistant Anti Fatigue Tiles and Mats

When there are chemicals present in your workplace, you need to carefully choose anti fatigue mats that can withstand the presence of common chemicals. Mats that aren't designed to be chemical-resistant may be quickly damaged by some chemicals, and they'll almost certainly have a shorter than average useful life.

Chemical resistant anti fatigue tiles and mats, on the other hand, are designed to withstand some of the more common chemicals that are used in workplaces. By investing in one of these chemical resistant mats, you don't have to worry if a chemical spill occurs. Plus, your mats will last for far longer, and you'll get more use out of your investment.

If you're looking for anti fatigue mats for areas where chemicals are used, then we have some great options for you. Here are our top four chemical resistant anti fatigue tiles and mats.

Hog Heaven Anti Fatigue Indoor Mat

The Hog Heaven Anti Fatigue Indoor Mat is suitable for use in commercial, industrial, and retail areas. It's designed to withstand elements that would damage your average anti fatigue mat, so you can get your work done without worrying about the flooring. It's one of our top chemical proof workplace mats because of its durability and versatility.

This mat is safe for use in areas where you'll be welding. It's electrically conductive and slip resistant, making for a safer work space. It's chemical resistant, and is grease and oil proof, meaning it's versatile enough to be used in any number of different environments.

This chemical resistant anti fatigue flooring is built to be highly durable. The nitrile rubber top is durable and strong, while the closed cell foam cushion helps to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The cushion is permanently molded to the rubber top for a long-lasting design, and the rubber borders won't crack or curl, which helps to prevent trips and falls.

Cushion Comfort Diamond Deckplate

The conveniently sized Cushion Comfort Diamond Deckplate mat can serve as workstation flooring, but it can also be used in assembly lines and behind counters. This chemical resistant anti fatigue flooring features an excellent anti-slip surface with chemical resistant properties. The mat features beveled edges to make for a smooth and safe transition onto and off of the surface. Its vinyl surface is permanently laminated to a durable sponge base which helps to relieve fatigue and improve comfort.

It's important to note that this chemical combating matting should not be used in wet areas.

ArmorStep 2x3 Feet Pebble Surface

If you're looking for anti fatigue mats that withstands chemicals, then youlll want to consider the ArmorStep 2x3 Feet Pebble Surface. This mat not only offers excellent anti fatigue properties, but it also maximizes anti slip traction. It's resistant to common chemicals and fluids, and is also wear resistant for long-lasting use. While the pebble top texture offers plenty of traction, it's not grooved so deeply as to make effective cleaning a challenge.

Unlike some other chemical resistant anti fatigue mats, this mat features a dual density foam layer. This dual density foam is much more durable than the foam used in other anti fatigue mats - in fact, this dual density foam outlasts single-layer foam mats at a 3-to-1 ratio. Additionally, the top surface is backed by a 3-year warranty against wear and delamination.

This mat is not only durable, but offers excellent performance in areas with chemicals or fluids. The top layer won't absorb the chemicals. Instead, the mat is designed to put in a top performance for years to come. This means that you get the maximum use out of your flooring investment.

This chemical resistant anti fatigue flooring is available in a standard 2x3 foot size, but you can also order custom cut lengths to outfit your workplace or factory.

Invigorator Mat

The Invigorator Mat is another great option for chemical resistant anti fatigue flooring. This mat resists common chemicals and fluids as long as it's cleaned on a regular basis. It's useful for packing and shipping facilities, hospitals, medical labs, and other standing work stations.

The Invigorator Mat is made with ErgoFlex foam that helps to keep workers comfortable when they spend time on their feet. The durable fluted vinyl surface helps to maximize traction, reducing the chance of a slip or a fall. Its beveled edges make for a smooth transition onto and off of the mat, and allow cart traffic to travel on the mat.

This mat is backed by a limited 3-year warranty against wear and delamination.

Available in a 3x75-foot size, this mat is a great choice for assembly lines and other large spaces in a factory or workplace.

Choosing Your Chemical Resistant Anti Fatigue Tiles and Mats

When it comes to choosing the anti fatigue mat that's right for your workspace, you'll want to consider a few different factors, including the chemicals present in your workplace. If you have questions about which mat is right for your workplace, please give our customer service team a call. We're always happy to help you choose the mat that's right for your needs.

hog heaven anti fatigue mat on white background

Hog Heaven

  • 5/8 Inch Thick
  • Rubber Foam
  • Textured
  • Electrically Conductive
  • Black

close up of cushion comfort diamond plate textured anti fatigue mat

Cushion Comfort

  • 9/16 Inch Thick
  • Rubber Foam
  • Diamond Plate
  • Beveled Edges
  • Black or Gray

close up of corner of armorstep fatigue mat with pebble texture


  • 1/2 Inch Thick
  • Foam
  • Pebble Texture
  • Wear Resistant
  • Black

close up of corner of invigorator fatigue mat in black color with yellow border


  • 1/2 Inch Thick
  • Vinyl Covered Foam
  • Fluted Texture
  • Beveled Edges
  • Black or Black/Yellow