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Safety Matting, Wear Area, Non-Slip and Industrial Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats
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offer cushion and comfort for long hours on your feet. They also have the durability needed for use in industrial and retail standing workstations.

Greatmats offers a large variety of anti fatigue mats in an assortment of material and color options. These mats are designed to meet both your comfort and safety needs, whether you're outfitting a factory or just want to make your garage workstation more comfortable. Mats are designed with safety in mind; some have colored safety borders to prevent tripping. Additionally, these mats are designed for quick and easy installation.

Multiple sizes and thicknesses make these mats a practical option for nearly any application.

If you're weighing whether it's worth it to invest in anti fatigue flooring, the answer is yes. Whether you need mats for use around the home or are considering an investment for a factory or industrial environment, consider these potential benefits:

Why should you use anti fatigue mats?

  • Promote comfort, for yourself or employees
  • Make long work hours more tolerable with increased comfort
  • Transform harsh flooring, like concrete, to a more suitable and welcoming workspace
  • Potentially avoid injuries with the flooring's anti-slip properties
  • Improve employee morale by minimizing aches and pains
  • Get more work done, since you'll be more comfortable and able to work for longer periods of time

Consider using fatigue mats in:

  • Industrial and retail standing workstations
  • Kitchens
  • Home garages and workplaces
  • Offices
  • Any area where you need comfort and anti-slip footing

If you've ever felt the ache in your feet, knees, hips, and back after a long day of work on your feet, then you know how something as simple as hard flooring can cause all-over pain. When you're in pain, it's difficult to focus, and it's certainly difficult to put in the degree of motivation and work that you can when you're comfortable. Anti fatigue flooring can keep you more comfortable, increasing the quality and quantity of the work that you and your employees are able to put in each day.

Anti fatigue tiles and mats can make almost any surface a more comfortable workspace. These mats are often used for standing workstations, kitchens, offices, and other areas where people spend a large amount of time on their feet. With mats available in rubber, foam, plastic, and rubber/foam blends, we offer an excellent variety of mats that are sure to be suitable for your project. Additionally, you can order many different custom size anti fatigue mats that are cut to fit your specific work areas.

You'll find our most popular fatigue floor mats outlined below.

Plastic Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Many safety floor tiles are made out of PVC plastic, since it is both flexible and highly durable.

The Ergo Matta line of PVC anti fatigue mats offer both solid and perforated surfaces. Perforated mats are intended for use outdoors, or in areas where moisture is present, since water can run right through the safety fatigue matting.

The Safety Grit Top Matta interlocking anti fatigue mat features a diamond grit perforated surface. The surface not only drains water away from the mat's surface, but the diamond pattern and grit texture offer maximized traction for improved safety. Comfort Matta mats are also available in a solid surface with the same diamond pattern top, and can even be used in company gyms.

Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

For large-scale standing work stations, interlocking anti fatigue floor tiles mats create a solid, comfortable, safe surface. Interlocking floor tiles are made of rubber, foam, plastic, and even rubber/foam blends. The interlocking mats allow you to create an anti-fatigue floor of any shape or size, customizing it to your project needs. You can even cut most of these mats using a sharp utility knife for wall-to-wall installations.

We offer interlocking anti-fatigue mats with two different types of systems: A puzzle style interlock and a tab and loop connector design. All of our mats interlock securely, so your anti-fatigue surface won't pull apart even under heavy traffic and use. The puzzle style interlocking tiles tend to be the less expensive option, since they're usually made of foam or recycled rubber. The tab and loop connecting mats are usually made of a soft PVC material.

Interlocking anti-fatigue mats mean you can:

  • Custom design flooring to the size and shape of your space
  • Easily cut the mats to fit a wall-to-wall installation
  • Expand and add to your flooring as your space and needs change
  • Easily install the tiles on your own, thanks to user-friendly designs

Interlocking fatigue floor tiles are a great solution for larger projects where you need flooring for large areas.

Industrial Floor Mats

If you need industrial quality safety flooring with anti-fatigue benefits, we have dozens of options for you to choose from. Our industrial fatigue mats are durable yet comfortable, and are designed to hold up to the rigorous demands of industrial safety floors.

Most industrial fatigue mats offer the following benefits:

  • Extra-durable construction ensures the mats will last, even under high traffic and rigorous use.
  • Moisture and chemical resistance means these mats can resist elements that would degrade other mats.
  • Special coatings extend the life of the mats, and your investment.
  • Comfortable surface promotes employee comfort while also maximizing safety.

We've highlighted some of our most popular industrial floors below.

The Safety Soft Foot mat is popular for warehouses, factories, and retail outlets. The cushioned mat is available in multiple sizes, and creates a comfortable surface to minimize worker fatigue and discomfort during long workdays. Soft Foot surfaces have yellow edging, which increases visibility and safety in areas where forklifts and other vehicles are present.

The Safety Soft Foot with Dura Shield mats offer excellent comfort, but are coated with polyurethane. This coating protects the appearance and the lifespan of the mats, enhancing their durability.

If you're looking to truly maximize comfort, then the Supreme version of the Soft Foot mats may be the right choice for you. These mats are thicker than the standard versions, so they offer even more shock absorption and fatigue relief. They are available in five size options and custom cut lengths.

Comfort Zone mats are made to provide outstanding comfort, while still being highly durable. The mats' ergonomic construction naturally encourages workers' bodies to make subtle movements throughout the day. This subtle movement promotes increased circulation, which contributes to improved worker comfort.

Choose from Comfort Zone mats in single, end, and center pieces to create the exact floor design that you need. The ends and centers have interlocking edges so that you can easily connect multiple mats together. You can even alter and expand the flooring if your needs change in the future. The single mats have no interlocking edges, and are designed to be used independently.

Bubble Flex Mats feature an innovative design to maximize comfort and create a highly forgiving surface. These mats feature air pockets which contribute to a soft surface, while the rubber composition is durable enough to withstand the compression when a person stands on the mat. The rubber helps extend the mat's life, ensuring you get plenty of use out of this comfortable product. Available in two different sizes, these mats are versatile and highly comfortable.

For extra traction and slip resistance, consider our Ridge Scraper Mats. These mats are ideal for areas where the floor can get slick, such as busy kitchens and other areas that tend to get wet. The mats have a raised edging which keeps liquids contained on the mats, instead of allowing it to spill onto the floor. This feature can contribute to the safety of your entire workspace, as spills will stay contained and slips and falls won't be such an immediate risk. Choose from two different mat sizes for your needs.

Does your workspace involve the use of chemicals? If so, the Supreme Sliptech Mats may be the best option for you. These closed cell foam mats maximize comfort, and their wear surface is resistant to most chemicals. This safety fatigue matting offers excellent traction, and you can choose from 12 different standard mat sizes to suit your needs. If you need a specific size, we also offer custom size anti fatigue mats to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Diamond Foot Mats offer a diamond pattern surface which maximizes both worker traction and comfort. They are available with colored border edging for enhanced safety. Additionally, these mats are spark resistant, so they're a great choice for welding areas and other spaces where sparks may occur. Diamond Foot Mats are also available in several variations, according to your specific needs. The Supreme mat is thicker than the standard mat, and offers more in the way of anti-fatigue protection. The Ultimate Diamond Foot is a full 3/4 inch thick for maximized cushion, comfort, and durability.

Our Marble Foot Mats offer a distinctive and interesting marbleized surface appearance. These anti-fatigue mats are incredibly easy to clean, which helps to cut down on your maintenance time. The K-Marble Foot Mat is a thicker option which further improves worker comfort, while maintaining the same ease of cleaning and distinctive appearance.

Special Features for Industrial Settings

Industrial workplaces often have a unique set of requirements for flooring options. Features such as spark resistance, chemical resistance, and even sound-dampening products can greatly enhance the durability of your flooring and the safety of your workplace. The following products offer specific advantages for your industrial setting needs.

Our Weldmaster mats are spark resistant. This safety fatigue matting is specifically designed for use in areas where welding is performed.

ArmorStep mats are highly durable mats intended for extreme heavy-duty applications. They're resistant to both chemicals and excessive moisture, and can withstand industrial environments that would degrade or damage your average anti-fatigue mat.

Safety Matta Tiles are ideal for wet environments, because their perforated surface maximizes liquid drainage. If liquids are spilled, they will drain down through the raised tiles, while the workers' feet stay on the dry tile surface. Made of a heavy-duty PVC, some of these tiles are even available with a grit surface to increase slip resistance.

Kitchen or Restaurant Floor Mats

VIP brand mats and tiles are frequently used in restaurants and busy commercial settings, since they offer both slip resistance and fatigue properties. The red mats are grease resistant, making them ideal for use in busy kitchens. They are even backed by an impressive 5-year guarantee against breakdown because of grease, so you know you're investing in a product that will last. These VIP tiles offer excellent drainage, and are perfect for use in kitchen environments. At Greatmats, we offer many different types of VIP tiles and mats.

Ordering Mats for Your Project

We understand that you have specific needs when it comes to workplace dimensions, and that's why we offer custom size anti fatigue mats.

If you need anti-fatigue matting for a special location, please contact one of our customer service representatives. We would be happy to help you find the product that's just right for your project.

Greatmats offers quantity discounts on large purchases and bulk orders of our anti-fatigue tiles. Most mat purchases ship via ground service nationwide.