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Industrial and commercial flooring for warehouse, retail and fatigue

Greatmats offers specialty commercial flooring designed to withstand heavy traffic and to offer the unique features that commercial spaces require. We stock options suitable for contractors, schools, institutions, government facilities, and warehouses. Our flooring options are top-quality, designed with excellent durability, and backed by impressive warranties. With our extensive selection of commercial flooring options, you're sure to find a product for every project.

Our commercial floor mats offer the following benefits:

  1. Made of materials that are rugged, can withstand high traffic, and offer a long lifespan even in commercial environments so you get the most out of your investment
  2. Products are designed to put in a top performance, even in harsh environments
  3. A variety of products can withstand moisture, UV rays, grease, cutting fluids, and other agents that would damage your ordinary flooring
  4. Most products are designed for an easy installation, saving you money and time over professional installation options
  5. Designed for safety, you'll find products with high visibility, maximized traction, and forgiving surface options to keep you and employees safe
  6. Low-maintenance products require little upkeep, so you have more time and a lower maintenance budget

You'll find that the commercial mats are designed to withstand much more rigorous use than your ordinary flooring products. They're excellent for high-traffic areas where you need a highly durable floor.

Keep the following factors in mind when choosing commercial mats for your project:

  1. Temporary versus permanent installation - If you anticipate needing to remove the floor in the future, then be sure to explore our temporary or modular flooring options.
  2. Comfort - If employees will be spending long hours on the floor, then be sure to consider one of our comfortable flooring options with anti-fatigue properties. Anticipate falls being a potential risk? Our playground flooring options come with fall height protection.
  3. Safety - Need excellent traction for a slippery area? We have plenty of textured surface options to help keep slips and falls to a minimum.
  4. Budget - With our wide selection of products, we have commercial flooring options to accommodate nearly any budget.

Commercial floor mats can accommodate a wide variety of uses. May of these mats are made for specific purposes, such as for playground flooring or as anti-fatigue flooring for kitchens or warehouses. We've highlighted some of our most popular products for different applications below to help you find the right products for your needs.

Athletic Flooring

Commercial gyms and training facilities need athletic flooring that is not only comfortable and safe for athletes, but that is also durable enough to withstand rigorous use. Athletic flooring can be used to help protect your subfloor from heavy wear and tear, including impacts from dropped weights in weight rooms.

Eureka Rubber Gym Tiles are a popular choice, thanks to their extreme durability and eye-catching color fleck mixes. These commercial rubber floor tiles have the durability needed to withstand the high degree of use that a commercial gym sees. They offer shock absorption and strength that makes them a favorite for rubber gym floors.

While rubber gym tiles are convenient and easy to install, rolled rubber is often preferred for larger gym floors and areas. Rolled rubber results in fewer seams than rubber tiles, and tends to be a more cost-effective option for larger installations. We offer rolled rubber in a number of different sizes and thicknesses. It's a great choice for gym flooring, since it offers excellent traction and thrives in high-traffic environments.

Playground Flooring

Playground flooring needs to be durable enough to withstand high traffic, UV rays, snow and ice, and temperature extremes. It also needs to be forgiving enough to make for a comfortable surface, and to offer some shock absorption in the case of a fall. Many of our playground flooring tiles offer fall height protection, which helps to minimize injury in case a child falls from the playground equipment.

Blue Sky Playground Interlocking Tiles are available in a variety of different thicknesses and colors, each thickness offering a different ASTM fall height rating. The interlocking tiles fit together securely for a simple, easy installation, and are designed to allow for drainage. These tiles are preferred for schools, churches, and park playgrounds, and are backed by a 6-year limited warranty.

Max Rubber Playground Tiles are another great choice. When used with our ADA border ramp edging, they offer ADA accessibility. These mats are ASTM fall height rated, UV resistant, and provide a non-slip safety surface. They're backed by a 15-year warranty and are virtually maintenance-free.

Looking for flooring for an indoor playground or playroom? We have plenty of suitable options. We offer a variety of indoor playground tiles, many which have ASTM fall height ratings. We also have a wide selection of carpeted kids' play mats. These colorful mats feature all sorts of educational tools and games, combining fun and learning.

Warehouse Flooring

Greatmats offers many different options for warehouse flooring. Warehouses can be a challenging environment for many traditional flooring types. Substances like grease, excessive moisture, cutting fluid, sparks from welders, and other elements can damage many floors, but we offer commercial mats specifically designed to withstand these substances.

Many of these flooring products offer anti-fatigue properties, too. Anti-fatigue flooring can help to keep workers more comfortable during long hours on their feet. It's been proven to increase worker productivity, which can mean a better bottom line - and profits - for your company.

The Performa GritTuff Mats are one example of our warehouse-quality commercial floor mats. These mats are perforated to provide excellent drainage, and are equipped with a gritted, textured surface to help prevent slips and falls. They offer anti-fatigue properties, and are oil resistant. Highly durable, these mats can withstand warehouse and even kitchen environments that other flooring options cannot.

Entrance Mats and Rugs

Quality entrance mats and rugs can help to create a great first impression for any commercial business or space. At the same time, these commercial carpet mats and rugs help to trap dirt and debris, keeping it from entering your building and minimizing the amount of cleaning that you have to do. These mats help to provide traction, which is especially important on rainy or snowy days, and keep your building cleaner and safer for visitors.

Our Entrance Linear Tile features a unique ribbed surface to clean shoes while simultaneously hiding dirt in the mat's recessed chambers. It's easy to clean - just shake or hose it off. The mat features a scraping action that removes more dirt from shoes, while also providing anti-slip traction.

For indoor use, consider our Cocoa Brush Mat. This mat is made of 100% natural cocoa fibers that offer a great scraping action. The vinyl backing has beveled edges for safety, and custom sizes are available to fit your specific entranceway.

Commercial Stair Treads and Tiles

Designed with safety in mind, our commercial stair treads and tiles offer maximized traction to help prevent slips and falls. The treads and tiles are highly durable, and are offered in complementary colors so you can purchase everything you need to create a cohesive, finished appearance. These products are designed to require minimal maintenance, so you can save on both upkeep time and costs.

Dance Floors

Greatmats also offers a variety of dance floors to accommodate different environments. For events, venues, and traveling dance troupes, our portable dance floor tiles offer versatility and are easy to assemble, disassemble, and move. For dance studios, stages, and performance venues, our wide line of dance flooring and sprung dance floor systems offer professional dance floor quality and durability.

Garage Flooring

For garages and automotive showrooms, commercial mats deliver eye-catching appearances with serious durability and strength. They're easy to assemble, can help to protect your subfloor, and offer excellent traction for a safer work environment. They're also available at an affordable cost, especially when compared with the cost of installing a new concrete garage floor.

Diamond Garage Tiles are one such option. These commercial plastic floor tiles can support the weight of vehicles, but are lightweight and easy to install. They're long-lasting, chemical resistant, and non-staining, making them a great choice for any garage or showroom that will see plenty of traffic.

Equine Facility Flooring

Greatmats offers a wide variety of commercial mats suitable for use in equine facilities. Rubber stall mats are incredibly durable and can provide a comfortable base, keep bedding cleaner, and make stall cleaning easier. Rubber mats are also often used in grooming stalls, barn aisles, horse trailers, and wash stalls.

If you're looking for something a bit more distinctive, be sure to consider our rubber paver tiles. They resemble the look of brick, but are safer, offer shock absorption, and provide plenty of traction.

Ordering Your Commercial Floor Mats

With so many options to choose from, how do you know that the product you're considering is right for your project? Our excellent customer service team is happy to help you. We can provide you with quotes, product samples, and can also help you to narrow down your choices. Please don't hesitate to call us at 877-822-6622.