What Are the Most Popular Uses for Artificial Grass Turf?

By Paige Cerulli Created: February, 2018 - Modified: October, 2022

Artificial grass turf is cropping up in more and more areas. If you don't look closely, you may not even be aware that what you're standing on isn't real turf.

Artificial grass turf is gaining in popularity for any number of reasons:
- It's virtually hassle-free. You'll never have to mow, weed, or reseed again.
- It looks great year-round - there's no dealing with brown, dead grass in the winter.
- Mud will be a thing of the past, and you can use the turf immediately after it rains.
- Artificial turf is highly durable, and can hold up to high traffic that grass can't.
- With no need for sunlight, artificial turf can be used indoors and out, as well as in areas of poor soil quality where grass doesn't grow well.

And most importantly, artificial turf is highly versatile. In fact, it's used for a variety of activities, including:
- Sled work
- Dog agility
- Baseball/softball fields
- Soccer fields
- Golf courses
- Backyards with pets
- Deck and patio spaces in backyards
- Playgrounds
- Trade show flooring

There are countless other potential uses for artificial turf, but let's take a look at some of the products that are best for each type of use.

Sled Work

Artificial turf is a practical option for cross fitness facilities, where durability matters. Not only is the turf durable enough to support sled work in commercial facilities, but it can be used indoors to create a field within a gym facility. There's little-to-no maintenance associated with this athletic turf, so facility owners can focus on maintaining other areas of the gym.

V-Max Artificial Turf is a great option for a number of reasons. This turf creates a flooring that reacts naturally, ensuring a consistent performance during every use. This turf offers athletes a nice amount of cushion, and it won't burn with the use of a sled. Highly durable, this turf does require installation with adhesive, but you'll receive a long-lasting floor that is built to perform well even under high traffic.

Our Turf Athletic Padded Floor Roll is another great choice. The turf itself is fusion bonded to a recycled rubber base, so athletes will enjoy a padded surface that is forgiving. The nylon wear layer is dense and durable, and the turf won't burn with sled traffic. There's no adhesive needed, making installation simple, and you can choose from two different roll widths depending on your facility's needs.

Lastly, our Turf Athletic Padded Interlocking Tile is another popular choice for xfit facilities. This turf is both durable and slip resistant, and it won't burn with sled use. The recycled rubber base offers some padding, and the product may even be eligible for LEED points. There's no adhesive needed for installation, which will save you both money and time. The individual tiles are easy to handle and install.

Dog Agility

Turf options for dog agility facilities need to provide plenty of traction, while also being both durable and safe. Dog claws can damage many flooring options, so you'll need an artificial turf designed to withstand high traffic and use. Comfort also needs to be a concern, as both dogs and handlers run at top speeds during agility competitions.

The True Turf Artificial Grass Turf Roll is ideal for dog agility facilities. This turf reacts very naturally, and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It's highly versatile, and is virtually maintenance free. Additionally, the turf can be cleaned very easily by simply flushing it with water. The large roll sizes will quickly cover any large area.

You will also want to consider our La Jolla Artificial Turf Roll. This turf offers a high performance quality. It's highly durable and reacts naturally underfoot. This artificial turf is ideal for both landscaping and pet areas, thanks to its safety and strength. Cleaning is easy; just flush the turf with water on occasion.

Baseball / Softball

For a baseball or softball field, you'll want a product that can withstand significant traffic, but also one which is low-maintenance. A turf roll is a must-have for any larger area, since rolled flooring will quickly cover a significant area while resulting in fewer seams. Whether you're creating a batting cage, an area for batting practice, or an indoor or outdoor field, you'll have a number of products to choose from.

Our Grand Slam Artificial Grass Turf Roll is an impressive 12-feet wide, so it quickly covers large areas. It's suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

The All Sport Artificial Grass Turf Roll offers a natural reaction underfoot, and is incredibly easy to clean.

You should also consider the Play Ball II Artificial Grass Turf Roll, which is highly durable and safe. It offers a consistent performance over time, and is virtually maintenance free.


For both indoor and outdoor soccer fields, durability and traction is key. Look for a flooring that feels natural underfoot and that offers the same rebound as traditional turf. Low-maintenance and high durability are must-haves for any heavily used field.

Our top recommendation for soccer fields is the V-Max Artificial Grass Turf Roll. This turf offers an excellent performance quality, as well as a natural feel underfoot. Both highly durable and safe, this turf is a great choice.

The All Sports Artificial Grass Turf Roll is another popular option. Its short 1/4 inch pile is great for soccer, the turf feels natural underfoot. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

For additional options, be sure to consider:
- Bermuda Artificial Grass Turf Roll
- Bermuda Artificial Grass Turf Roll Padded
- All Sport Artificial Grass Turf Roll
- Arena Pro Artificial Grass Turf Roll


For a great-looking indoor or outdoor golf course, artificial turf is the way to go. You're guaranteed to have a brilliant looking course year-round, no matter what the weather.

The Hole In One Artificial Grass Turf Roll has a natural reaction, which gives you a true roll in your short game. It's UV treated and can be used both indoor and outdoors.

The Perfect Putt Artificial Grass Roll is another great option. It's made with multicolored yarn to give the grass an incredibly realistic look. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

We offer many great products perfect for golf, including:
- True Turf Artificial Grass Turf Roll
- One Putt Artificial Grass Turf Roll
- Money Putt Artificial Grass Turf Roll
- Range Turf II Artificial Grass Turf Roll
- La Jolla Artificial Turf Roll

Backyards with Pets

Have a backyard space that will be used by your pets? Artificial grass turf will make for a great-looking, safe space. Look for a product that's durable, yet very easy to clean, too.

Pet Heaven Artificial Grass Turf Roll is specifically designed for use in pet areas. It's highly durable, and is made to be used in high wear areas. Cleaning the turf is as easy as flushing it with water on occasion.

Artificial Grass Turf UltimatePet is another popular choice. This turf offers superior drainage, so you don't have to worry about standing water. It's also highly resistant to tearing, while being supremely soft. The fibers even are stain resistant, while also being designed to inhibit the growth of mildew and odor for a healthier, more enjoyable space.

Looking for more options? We have some more great choices available:
- La Jolla Artificial Turf Roll
- Soft Landing Artificial Grass Turf Roll

Backyards - Deck / Patio

For a luxurious, aesthetically pleasing backyard, look for an artificial turf that is thick, beautiful, and durable. Low-maintenance turf options will mean you have more time to enjoy the space, rather than worrying about taking care of it.

The whole family can enjoy the Catalina Artificial Turf Roll - including the pets! This turf reacts naturally, and works great for both landscaping and pet areas. It's virtually maintenance free, and is incredibly easy to clean.

Countryside Artificial Grass Turf Roll is another great choice for backyards. This is a highly durable yet safe turf, and is closely resembles the natural look and feel of a lawn. You're sure to be pleased with its high performance.

For additional options, consider:
- La Jolla Artificial Turf Roll
- Silicon Valley Artificial Turf Roll
- Biltmore Artificial Grass Turf Roll


Safety is a top priority when choosing grass turf for a playground space. Durability and cushion are also important factors to look for in your turf.

The Play Time Artificial Grass Roll has a plush body with a natural look. It's highly durable and comfortable, and is easy to clean. This turf makes for a safe and resilient playground flooring.

Similarly, the Sof Step 200 Artificial Grass Turf Roll is ideal for playgrounds. It's been proven to withstand the harshest conditions, while putting in a high performance and excellent durability over time.

Trade Show

When it comes to trade show flooring, you want a product that's easily portable, highly comfortable, and which looks great. Artificial turf can fulfill all of these demands.

The Bermuda Artificial Grass Turf Roll is highly durable and safe. It's easy to clean, and is available in a variety of colors so you can truly make your trade show booth stand out.

Our Play Time Artificial Grass Roll is another popular option. This roll is highly durable and features a plush body for a great appearance. This flooring is very easy to clean, and reacts naturally underfoot.

Ordering Your Artificial Grass Turf

At Greatmats, our wide variety of turf options mean that we're sure to have something to suit almost any project. If you have questions about the products, or need a product sample, please contact our customer service representatives. We'd love to help you choose the right product for your project.

For more on this topic please review our Artificial Grass and Turf product page.