Whether you’re creating a multi-purpose home workout space, building your own home gym, or outfitting your new commercial gym with flooring, a quality workout mat is essential. These mats can give you the specialized, unique surface that you need for pilates, floor exercises, yoga, and more. But for a workout mat to be helpful and effective, it needs to be just right for your needs.

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That’s why we’ve created this buyer's guide. Here, you’ll find all of the information you need to make a well-informed choice, so you can create the specific workout space that you need.

How to Choose the Right Workout Mat for Your Needs

Greatmats stocks a wide array of workout mats, which means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. But with all of those products, how do you know which is right for your home gym, commercial gym, or other project? Our buyers guide is the best place to start. We’ve included plenty of workout mat ideas, as well as information on the different products available to choose from. Looking to create a basement fitness room, or planning to renovate your weightlifting space? We’ve provided specific product suggestions for those and countless other applications. When choosing the best workout mats for your project, you’ll need to consider a few different factors. Start with determining how you’ll be using the mats. Mats are available in many different designs, including interlocking tiles that make for an easy DIY installation, as well as larger single-piece mats and rolls that can be dry laid over an existing flooring. If you’ll be using the mats temporarily, then an installation without adhesive is essential. Luckily, Greatmats has plenty of products designed for this temporary installation. Next, you’ll want to consider the properties that your flooring needs to have. If you’ll be using the space for weightlifting, then you’ll need a dense, strong, and durable mat that’s significant for sustaining repeated impacts, especially if you’ll be dropping weights. That flooring will look very different from the workout mat that you’ll need for a space where you’ll be doing floor exercises or yoga.

Choosing the Right Workout Mat Material

Our workout mats are available in many different materials, including carpet tiles, rubber, and foam. Each offers different properties and benefits. Carpet tiles create a comfortable surface underfoot, and they can transform a space into a welcoming area. These tiles have a low pile so they’re easy to vacuum and maintain. They can add warmth to a basement or cold concrete floor, and they can give a gym a professional appearance. Rubber flooring is highly popular in gyms. Available in mats, tiles, and rolls, rubber is highly durable and helps to protect your subfloor. Depending on its thickness, rubber can absorb the impact of dropped weights. It also has the benefit of often being waterproof, and it has sound absorption properties that can make a busy gym a more enjoyable space. If you’re looking for comfort and shock absorption, then foam flooring is probably the way to go. Foams are available in everything from plyometric rolls to highly durable martial arts mats. Foam is typically available in an interlocking puzzle tile or larger foam mat, and it’s lightweight and easy to move and install. When choosing foam flooring for a gym, it’s important to consider the type of foot traffic that the area will see. Some foams are too soft to withstand significant foot traffic, while others are firmer and more durable. Thicker foam tiles may even offer an ASTM fall height rating that can help to prevent or reduce injuries in sports like martial arts, gymnastics and cheerleading.

Installing Workout Mats

As you plan your project, it’s important to consider how you’ll install the workout mats. We’ve provided plenty of resources that include workout mat how-tos and detailed product information, including facts about installation. Our workout mat customer profiles also provide examples of successful installations that might even give you some ideas for your gym. Each of our product pages includes information on that product’s installation options. We offer many products that are highly easy to install, and a single person can often perform the entire installation. If you’re buying a product for home installation in a smaller area, our smaller tiles and mats are likely a good choice. These products can be installed in tighter quarters easily, while also minimizing the amount of wasted product that needs to be thrown away after meeting your room’s dimensions. Larger installations will go faster when you use larger mats, tiles, or even flooring rolls. You may see savings by buying products in larger sizes and in bulk, especially when opting for larger mats as opposed to smaller tiles. As you explore the many workout mats available, our Greatmats customer service team is here to help. Please contact us for additional product information, shipping quotes, and price quotes. We’re always happy to help you find the right product for your needs so you can create the home or commercial gym that you need.