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St. Paul Ballet travels with Greatmats Dance Studio Elite Subfloor

Date Published: 09-23 - 2016

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Hard floors offer unnecessary stresses on the bodies of dancers. That's why the St. Paul Ballet, after nearly 20 years of performing on inconsistent surfaces for their traveling shows – such as brick, cement and wood - decided to give Greatmats' Dance Studio Elite subflooring system a try.

This cushioned dance subfloor is made up of two layers of modular tiles designed for easy transportation, easy installation, and easy takedown at an affordable price. The foam base layers offers cushion and is covered by a flat topped plastic court tile for support. Once the subfloor is installed, a marley layer is rolled out and taped down for a finished surface.

An artist-led non-profit company, St. Paul Ballet built special carts to transport the tiles that fit neatly in their supply trailer.

After their first performance on their new portable dance flooring system – at the Historic Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater in Menomonie, Wisconsin - Artistic Director Zoe Emilie Henrot was already impressed by how fast and easy the subflooring was to install, and how much the cushion helped prevent joint pain, especially on jumps and landings.

When all was said the done the process of installing a 26x20 foot dance floor, using six people, took about an hour, and set the stage for protecting dancers' bodies for years to come.

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