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Northwoods Dance on Greatmats 3-part Flooring System

Date Published: 12-28 - 2017

Known for its diversity Northwoods Dance in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, is run by Roseanne Reed, a 12-year dance teaching veteran with a strong background in gymnastics. Reed’s dancers train ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, Spanish Salsa and West African styles with a focus primarily on shows.

So when Northwoods Dance outgrew its space in a local fitness center and got a building of its own on Main Street, Reed knew she was going to need a flooring system that could accommodate a wide range of styles and footwear for a long time and on a limited budget.

After much research, she landing on Greatmats.com and chose it’s three-part flooring system, consisting of a layer of foam tiles under a layer of interlocking plastic court tiles and topped with a Rosco Adagio Marley surface.

After using the flooring system for a year and a half, Reed says it works very well for everything they do at Northwoods Dance and has held up incredibly well. The cushioned flooring system has helped prevent shin splints and hamstring injuries often caused by dancing on hard floors and says for her applications it is equally as good as any wood sprung floor.

The Greatmats dance flooring system is in use approximately 30 hours per week in the 100 student studio, providing excellent sound for tap, enough slip resistance to prevent falls, a smooth enough surface for bare feet dancing, enough cushion for comfort and stability for point.

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