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How to Install Foam Floor Tiles - 1x1 Meter Interlocking Puzzle Mats

By Greatmats Staff Created: June, 2017 - Modified: July, 2021

Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm install easily, and you can complete an installation on your own. One of several Greatmats products measuring 40 by 40 inches, each mat covers significant area yet is easy to lift and carry.

These interlocking foam puzzle mats feature edges that securely lock together without any gapping between the mats. This creates a durable, unified floor surface that prevents any potential issue of a student tripping over the seams.

Large martial arts puzzle mats like these tkd mats can be installed over a flat, even surface like concrete or wood flooring. Before ordering and installing your martial mats, determine which type of installation you’ll want to perform. These mats each include 4 edge strips, so you can perform an island installation within the room and have clean, finished edges. Alternatively, you can do a wall-to-wall installation for full coverage.

When you’re ready to install the tiles, start in one corner of the area you want to cover and work your way out. Fit each mat together securely. If you’re performing a wall-to-wall installation, then leave a ½-inch gap around the room’s perimeter. This gap allows the mats to expand and contract with heat and humidity fluctuations, but the mats won’t press up against the walls and rise up in the center of the floor as they expand. If possible, keep excessive sunlight off of the mats, since this can cause them to expand.

You can easily cut these mats to fit your space or to fit around an obstacle, like a support pole. Use a sharp utility knife to repeatedly score the mat, gradually working your way through. If you’re making a straight cut, then use a straight edge to help guide your cut.

Puzzle mats offer many benefits, but one of their best benefits is the fact that you can replace a single worn or damaged tile. Instead of having to pull up and replace your entire floor, puzzle mats let you address only the problem areas, saving you time and money.

Caring for Your Foam Floor Tiles

Once you’ve installed your tiles, you’ll need to care for them to maximize their lifespan. To care for your Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm tiles, vacuum them regularly to keep them clear of dirt. It’s best to test your vacuum on an inconspicuous area of the tile to ensure that the vacuum doesn’t damage the surface.

If a water spill occurs, you can wipe it up with a dry towel. You can also spot-clean these tiles with diluted vinegar or diluted bleach. Dawn dish soap is another gentle cleansing option that can help to keep your mats looking good.

Choosing the Right Puzzle Mats for Your Needs

There are many types of puzzle mats for sale, and it’s important to choose the mats that are right for your needs. The mats need to be the right option for how you plan to use the space. For instance, mats are available in different thicknesses, and they offer different shock absorption properties.

Mat size can also factor into your decision. You can find foam floor tiles in sizes ranging from 2x2 foot to 1x1 meter. Smaller tiles make for easier installations in smaller areas and reduce waste, while you might prefer a larger tile for a larger-scale installation and reduce the number of seams and installation time.

Think about the other flooring features that are important to you. Many foam floor tiles are available with no-burn textures, ideal for martial arts and kids’ playrooms. EVA tiles are waterproof, and some come in many different colors. As you plan out the area that you’ll be flooring, list out the qualities you need in your flooring choice.

How do you lay foam flooring?

Installing interlocking foam mats is a simple process that a single person can complete on their own, making for an easy DIY option. Because these tiles interlock, you can fit them together one tile at a time, working your way across the area to be covered. These tiles install easily over hard, flat surfaces, and the included border strips allow for clean, finished edges.

Can you put foam tiles on top of carpet?

In certain situations, you can install foam interlocking mats on top of carpet. This is best done when you’re working with a low pile carpet with no padding underneath, since this creates a firm base for the foam.

If you’re installing foam mats on top of carpeting, it’s best to perform a large or wall-to-wall installation to help keep the foam from slipping on the carpeting.

Are foam tiles waterproof?

Certain types of foams are waterproof. Closed cell foam, such as EVA foam, is waterproof, making it versatile. If you’re installing foam flooring in an area that’s prone to leaks or moisture, like in a basement or warehouse style space then it’s best to choose a waterproof foam product to preserve the life of your flooring.

Greatmats offers the following 1x1 meter puzzle mats:

  1. Grappling MMA Mats 1.5 Inch
  2. Judo Jitu Jitsu Mats Interlocking 1.25 inch
  3. Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 inch
  4. Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles (3/4 Inch)
  5. Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats 20 mm (3/4 Inch)

With such a wide range of thicknesses and surface textures for these jumbo puzzle mats, you're certain to find one to meet your needs.