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How hot do StayLock Perforated Tiles get in the sun

Date Published: 11-25 - 2022

When it comes to comfortable outdoor flooring, it doesn't get much better the Greatmats StayLock Perforated Tiles. These outdoor floor tiles are made of a flexible PVC plastic that offers cushion underfoot. Part of the cushion is a result of it's raised base, which also allows for water and airflow. Combine that raised base with a perforated surface and you've got a flooring system that resists and accommodates drastic temperature changes and other environmental factors. But how hot do they get in the direct sunlight?
To answer that question, we tested multiple colors of the tiles by leaving them in the direct sun for just over 4 hours on an 81 degree Wisconsin fall day.
And here are the results of how hot the tiles got:
Light Blue - 87.6 degrees Fahrenheit
Tan - 90.5 degrees
Gray - 99.8 degrees
Terra Cotta - 112.1 degrees
Black - 123.2 degrees
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