Although flooring may not be at the top of the list of holiday gift ideas for some people, purchasing and installing the right flooring for a loved one can open up a world of possibilities.

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The right flooring is a great idea for creating a workout room, a dance studio, a sports fan room, a golfing practice area, a craft room, a workshop area, a kids’ playroom, a yoga room, or almost any other activity that you can dream up for your spouse, children, coworker, corporate client, or best friend to enjoy.

Size and Shape Options

At Greatmats, we offer flooring holiday gift ideas in almost any shape and size you can imagine. Whether you are trying to dedicate an entire room to an activity by installing the ideal flooring or you want to deliver a temporary-use floor for performing the activity, we have the options you can trust for longevity, ease of installation, and comfort.

Many of our floorings consist of a manageable size of tile in a square shape that makes the flooring easy to move in and out of place, should you ever want to exchange the new floor for the original floor. Many of these tiles will use an interlocking design on the edges that connects the tiles tightly without the need for adhesive.

For a more permanent installation, we also offer materials that work with adhesive.

Material Options

It’s important to match the material for the holiday gift ideas in the flooring layout to the planned activity.

For example, creating a dance floor for a party or for a child to practice tap dancing or ballet requires a specific type of vinyl flooring.

If you are trying to create a relaxing, fun outdoor gathering space at the office as a gift for your employees when they go on break, look for an all-weather material that can cover a concrete patio, such as brightly colored PVC plastic with perforations to allow rainwater to drain away.

Pattern and Texture Options

As with selecting the right material, it’s important to pick a pattern and texture that will match the planned use case.

In a workout area, a rubber flooring is ideal for providing a grippy texture to prevent the athletes from slipping. Some rubber materials use a molded pebble top or diamond pattern texture to create additional texture and traction.

In a children’s playroom, a cushioned foam flooring may be the better option, as it protects the kids if they should fall while playing.

Common Use Options

When you want a unique gift idea, consider creating the gift of a room or space for a favorite activity for a loved one through a flooring installation. Some of the most common ways that our customers use our flooring options as holiday gift ideas include the following.

  • Foam mats: The cushioning in foam is ideal for covering kids’ playrooms and concrete basement floors, providing cushioning for multiple activities. Foam also works well for martial arts workout floors at home, providing a safe space when falling.
  • Golf mats: We offer rolls of artificial turf and pre-cut artificial grass mats that are ideal for practicing golf, whether that involves putting, chipping, or full swings.
  • Workout flooring: Multiple materials are excellent choices for workout areas, including rubber and PVC plastic. Rubber is best for supporting heavy workout equipment, while PVC plastic has a bit more cushioning.
  • Dance floors: When using dance as a workout method, vinyl flooring looks great and allows dancers to slide their feet properly to perform particular dance moves.
  • Fan rooms: We offercarpet tiles with sports team logos and colors that make the perfect environment for watching your favorite team with friends and family. Use this flooring gift idea to create a fun “tailgating” space inside your home!

Installation Options

When seeking a type of flooring that fits well for holiday gift ideas, we expect that you will want to perform the installation yourself. Many of the flooring materials that we at Greatmats offer have the perfect designs for DIY installations.

Interlocking tiles are especially easy for people to install, even those who have no experience with flooring installation work. These types of floors do not require the use of glue to hold them together, which makes them ideal for use in a home, where you may want to return to the original flooring at some point.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

The majority of our holiday gift ideas for flooring that you can use to create a special space for your wife or husband also involve easy-to-clean materials. After all, you want to spend more time enjoying the special space, rather than devoting time to difficult cleaning or maintenance requirements.

To remove dry debris from the majority of our DIY floors, just use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. It is safe to use these items on the majority of our floors.

For a more thorough cleaning, you typically can mix warm water with a neutral pH liquid cleaner, before applying the cleaning solution with a mop. For carpeted areas, you often can make use of a carpet cleaning machine for a thorough cleaning process.