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Options for Putting Green Turf

You may hear the old saying “practice makes perfect” around the golf course. But golf is one of those games where no one is ever perfect all the time, even the top-ranked pro. However, practicing gives you the best chance at moving closer to perfection. Installing putting green turf in your backyard or at a golf practice facility gives you the chance to practice more often and chase those elusive birdies.

Greatmats has multiple types of golf turf that you can use for putting practice at your home. We also provide artificial turf for a putting green or driving range for golf courses and other golf facilities. Our products even work as high-quality golf simulator turf when you want to practice with statistical analysis.

Types of Artificial Turf for a Putting Green

We primarily offer two types of golfing turf formats.
  • Rolls: You can deploy a roll of artificial golf turf to create a large putting green. Our rolls are as wide as 15 feet, meaning you can have minimal seams in the layout.
  • Practice Mats: Artificial turf mats often work for deployment at a driving range or with a golf simulator. They’re small, so you can move them wherever you want to practice. Using artificial turf practice mats on days when the natural grass is wet allows the driving range to remain open.

Where to Use Outdoor or Indoor Golf Turf

The outdoor or indoor putting turf products that we offer deliver impressive quality. You can gain the most out of your practice time with our realistic turf, and you won’t have to worry about making divots. Some of the places where customers install our indoor and outdoor golf turf include:
  • Indoor or outdoor golf course practice areas
  • Outdoor driving ranges
  • Indoor driving ranges with nets
  • Outdoor home putting green
  • Indoor practice putting mats
  • Indoor golf simulators
  • Indoor or outdoor mini golf courses
  • Sports facilities with golf practice areas
  • School golf team practice areas

Benefits of Putting Green Turf

We offer high-quality putting green turf that provides performance close to natural grass, which is important for golfers. This is nothing like old Astro turf. Our products consist of softer plastics than the older turf products, making them behave more like putting green natural grass.

Some of our products have a foam padding backing that makes it more comfortable to stand and practice. The plastic includes UV resistance from sunlight, allowing the mats to last longer.

When you set up a putting green in your backyard using artificial turf, it remains green all year around, delivering a great look.

Outdoor Putting Green Turf Q&A

What golf mat do pros use for putting practice?

The best pro golf mat for putting practice often is one with a low pile height. This most closely mimics the short grass on a golf green, creating a true ball roll that is most beneficial during practice time.

What is the best putting green turf?

The best putting green turf is the Money Putt Artificial Grass Turf. This putting mat accommodates either an indoor or outdoor installation. It has a 3/8-inch pile height that’s helpful for creating a realistic ball roll when practicing. The 15-foot wide roll covers a lot of space quickly. It’s even great for using as mini golf turf.

What is the cost of an artificial grass putting green?

An average cost of artificial grass putting green turf is about $3 to $5 per square foot for the materials. Lightweight products may cost less than higher-quality products that are made to survive all kinds of weather. Installation costs will add a little to the total price of the project.

What’s the best surface for virtual golf lessons?

The best surface for virtual golf lessons is an artificial turf mat. Whether you want to practice putting with a true ball roll or to practice full shots into a net during your virtual lesson, durable artificial turf is a must. The turf must be able to stand up to repeated contact with the golf club while you’re practicing full swings.

How big are golf hitting mats?

The size of golf hitting mats doesn’t vary much. Most players can use sizes between 3x5 feet and 5x5 feet, although you can hit off a larger practice mat or roll of green turf if desired. If you like to stand on the mat while practicing, go with the larger size. If you want to stand off to the side of the turf mat, you can save money with a smaller mat.