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Options for Commercial Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpet tiles are a smart choice for both commercial and office settings. They yield a great look for a customer-facing area, while also delivering comfort for employees and heavy-duty durability in high foot traffic paths. 

You can select commercial carpet tiles, (also called carpet squares), in a range of designs and configurations, ensuring you match the right product to the planned use case. Count on the selection at Greatmats to deliver the benefits you need in a product that will last for years.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Tiles

Don't think about commercial carpet squares as being boring to look at and too firm to be comfortable. Our products may deliver a commercial level of performance and durability, but they also have a desirable look and feel. Some benefits include:
  • Warm feel: Our products create a cozy feel and will impress your visitors.
  • Durability: Some of our tiles have a durability level close to rubber flooring with a much nicer look.
  • Designs: We offer plenty of neutral colors in our carpet squares, but you also can find color options that stand out from the crowd.
  • Textures: Select among textures including berber, plush, and frieze (twisted pile) in our products.
  • Replacement: Many of our products allow for easy replacement of damaged pieces.
  • Ease of cleaning: You won't have to spend a lot of time on maintenance and cleaning with these heavy duty tiles.
  • Installation: We have products made for a professional glue-down installation, but we also have products that allow for DIY installation or that don't require glue, such as peel and stick options.
  • Eco-friendly: Many of our commercial carpet squares are friendly for the environment, consisting of recycled plastics and contributing to LEED points. We have nylon and polyester options, too.

Where Commercial Carpet Squares Are Used

You can use commercial carpet in a range of areas, including:
  • Office areas
  • Reception areas
  • Hotels
  • Meeting rooms
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Medical offices
  • Daycares
  • Libraries
  • Waiting rooms
  • Government buildings
  • Community centers

Installation Methods for Commercial Carpet Tiles

Versus commercial carpet rolls, commercial-grade carpet squares are far easier to install, allowing you to save money by doing the job yourself. Some of the options for installing carpet tile commercial designs include:
  • Traditional glue down
  • Self-stick pre-applied adhesive
  • Interlocking without glue
  • Loose lay

Select an installation using glue or adhesive when the flooring is designed to be permanent. If you want to move the squares later, select an option without glue.

Commercial Carpet Squares Q&A

How much do commercial carpet squares or tiles cost?

A range of costs for commercial grade carpet tiles are possible, depending on the type of product you select. At the low end, you could pay less than $2 per square foot, while the upper end will exceed $10 per square foot. At Greatmats, we carry multiple price ranges, so you can find something to fit in your budget.

What are the best carpet tiles for an office?

For the best carpet tiles in an office setting, finding just the right design to impress customers while keeping employees comfortable is important. Some buildings may need carpeting with fire resistance ratings. Consider whether the installation will take place in an area that needs high-traffic commercial carpet tiles.

How do you choose the right commercial carpet tiles for your needs?

Here are some key things to consider when searching for the right commercial carpet squares.
  • Feel: Some products are designed for a softer, more forgiving feel underfoot, while others, such as those intended for entryways, have a firmer feel. 
  • Installation: If you can install the tiles yourself, you can save versus the cost of having a pro do it.
  • Budget: Consider not only the cost per tile, but also the tile's size. Larger tiles tend to cost more individually, but you'll need fewer of them, so you may save money per square foot of coverage.
  • Size: Industrial carpet squares come in many sizes, including 1x1 foot or 12x12 inches, 18x18 inches, 2x2 foot or 24x24 inches, matching the needs you have.
  • Quality brand names: At Greatmats, you can find top brands of commercial carpet squares, including Foss, Pentz, Aladdin, Mohawk, and Shaw Carpets.