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Comparing Modular Carpet Tiles - Foam vs Plastic Based Carpet Squares

Date Published: 04-22 - 2016

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Let’s compare modular carpet tiles. Modular carpet are designed for portability, anti-fatigue and ease of installation.

This form of interlocking carpet square is commonly used for trade shows, basements and home theaters. Among Greatmats' modular carpet tiles are carpet bonded foam tiles and raised carpet tiles.

The biggest differences between these tiles are size, base material and form of interlocks.

Carpet-bonded foam tiles are typically much larger than raised carpet tiles - 4 times bigger - allowing for much quicker floor coverage and fewer seams.

Greatmats Royal Interlocking Carpet tiles are 2x2 feet wide and 5/8 inches thick while the Greatmats Raised Snap Together Carpet Tiles are 1x1 foot with very similar 9/16 inch thickness. Both options weigh less than 1.5 pounds per tile.

The plush carpet surface of our Royal Interlocking Carpet tiles are attached to soft, closed-cell EVA Foam Base with a flat bottom. Our Raised Carpet tiles feature an elevated polypropylene plastic base that allows air to flow beneath the floor.

Both base materials are waterproof, but moisture can become trapped under the flat foam base, making raised carpet tiles better for damp areas.

If cushion is a primary concern the foam-based carpet will be much softer, but keep in mind that foam is much more likely to expand or contract with temperature fluctuations.

Foam backed carpet tiles are the easiest to install as they connect together like a puzzle and are easily cut to fit with a sharp utility knife. They also come with border strips for finished edges.

Plastic based carpet tiles snap together and typically need body weight to get them to lock into place. The benefit of this is that they will hold together much tighter under heavier use. They can also be cut to fit.

Both options are easy to store and transport, making them perfect for portable event flooring.

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