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2x2 Carpet Tile Squares, Indoor & Outdoor

When seeking an easy-to-install type of carpeting that will cover a large space quickly, 24x24 carpet tiles from Greatmats are a popular selection.

We offer these tiles in a peel and stick configuration, as an interlocking tile that does not require adhesive, and in a glue-down configuration. At 2x2 feet in size, these tiles will make the installation in a room go quickly. Multiple designs and colors are available too.

Size and Shape Options

One of the reasons our 24x24 carpet tiles are so popular is because of how quickly customers can install them versus a smaller-sized tile.

Each tile measures 24x24 inches and covers four square feet, meaning a 10x10-foot room only will need about 25 tiles. If using a 12x12-inch tile in the 10x10-foot room, however, it will take 100 tiles to cover the entire space, which will require quite a bit more time.

The square shape of our tiles greatly simplifies calculating the number of tiles required to cover a certain amount of floor space. Rectangular tiles may force you to use an online calculator to determine the exact number of tiles needed for the install.

To further simplify ordering the 24x24 carpet tiles, we sell many of these models at a discount in a carton of up to a couple dozen tiles.

Material Options

Although you may encounter some cheap materials in 24x24 carpet tiles sold elsewhere, carpet tiles from Greatmats will give you excellent longevity and levels of comfort. We offer models of tiles that are ideal for both home use and commercial use. They include some of the top brands in the industry, such as Mohawk, Shaw, and Foss.

Some of our carpeting squares make use of PET fibers, which consist of recycled plastic bottles. The manufacturer fully cleans the bottles before turning them into carpet fibers.

Some models will make use of a nylon fiber, which is easy to dye for creating particular color options. A polyester fiber is also a possibility in these carpet squares.

Nylon and polyester may be more traditional types of carpet fiber than PET, but all of them offer a nice level of comfort in the carpeting layout.

Some of our tiles contain a foam layer on the underside of the carpet layer that delivers a little bit of extra comfort in areas where people may be sitting on the floor and relaxing or playing.

Pattern and Texture Options

Multiple colors and textured patterns are available in the 24x24 carpet tiles from Greatmats. Customers can pick the texture and color that will make the most sense in the planned install location.

Color options include neutral shades like light grey, dark grey, black, brown, and charcoal. For a bit more color variation, some models are available in blue, dark blue, tan, and dark green.

Some carpet squares contain a subtle pattern using slightly different shades of related colors, just as you may find with a roll of carpeting.

The majority of these carpet squares will have a flat, low pile configuration, which simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Others may have a raised texture pattern that increases the level of durability in the tiles and that allows the tiles to catch soils and debris from the soles of the shoes of people walking across them.

Common Use Options

Our 24x24 carpet tiles will fit a wide range of planned use cases.

For models designed for residential use, these tiles have enough style to work for a layout in a family room or living room.

For areas where kids will be on the floor playing and watching movies, we offer carpet tiles that have a foam backing that are ideal for a media room, over a concrete floor in a basement, or in a bedroom.

Customers also can select versions of these tiles for use in a commercial location, such as an office building. Use them in customer-facing areas of a business or in areas where employees are sitting at a desk and working.

Installation Options

These carpeted squares have a wide range of installation options, most of which will work for a DIY layout.

The easiest carpet tiling to install will be those tiles with interlocking edges that resemble jigsaw puzzle pieces. Just pop the tabs on one tile into the slots on the adjacent tile for a secure fit without needing to add glue at the connection point.

Another easy installation process occurs with our peel and stick tiles. These have a pre-applied adhesive on the back that activates when the installer presses the tile in place against the subfloor.

Some tiles, especially commercial models, require the installer to add adhesive or glue to the back. This can be a little messy, so some people choose to hire a professional to help.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Take care of these carpet tiles just like you would with a roll of carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner over the top to remove dry debris and soils. For more thorough cleaning, use a carpet cleaning machine.