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How to Install Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles

Date Published: 06-04 - 2020

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Installing a Greatmats Royal Interlocking Carpet tile floor is simple. For floating or island installations, no tools are necessary.

Wall-to-wall installations will need a tape measure, sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Adhesives are not necessary.

Begin on a clean, hard and flat surface. Start in a corner and leave at least a 1/4 inch gap between the tiles and the wall as the foam base may expand with heat and humidity.

Remove the attached border strips where needed, and connect the tiles by pushing the puzzle-style interlocks together. These carpet tiles utilize a universal interlock, so will connect together no matter which way they are laid.

However, in order to keep the nap facing in the same direction, you’ll want to follow the arrows imprinted subtly on the underside of the tiles. Keeping the arrows facing in the same direction, work your way out evenly from the corner until no more full tiles will fit.

Measure the distance between the installed tiles and walls or other obstacles. Mark the underside of the carpet tile you'd like to cut with with a pen and cut it to fit using a sharp utility knife. Be sure to use a straight edge guide, sharp blade and series of shallow scores to ensure the cleanest cut.

Leaving your gap for expansion, install the cut tiles next to the remaining walls. The gap will prevent your foam floor from buckling.

If you need a finished edge for islands or a floating installation, reconnect border strips in those areas. Each tile comes with two border strips - one with a corner piece and one without.

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles are available in five different color options and can be installed in any color combination.

Enjoy your new Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile Floor!


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