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24x24 Commercial Carpet Tiles

For a high-quality commercial carpeting that’s easy to install, Shaw carpet tiles are among the most popular options that we offer at Greatmats.

Shaw is a trusted brand name in the world of carpeting, delivering wear resistance, maximum comfort, reasonable prices, and a great looking design. By using some of the toughest fibers available as a base, these tiles will continue to perform well, even when exposed to difficult conditions.

Size and Shape Options

At Greatmats, we offer two models of Shaw carpet tiles, and both models have a size of 24x24 inches. A single tile will cover 4 square feet, and customers receive about 80 square feet of coverage per 20-tile carton for sale.

With square tiles, it is easy to calculate the number of tiles required for a particular layout. However, figuring out how many tiles to order can be challenging in an odd-shaped room. Please contact our customer service team for help with ordering.

This is a low pile type of carpet, measuring about 2.3 mm in thickness (or about 0.1 inches). Should the installer need to cut the tiles to fit tightly against a wall in the room, the thin style of tile is easier to cut with a straightedge and utility knife than thicker tiles.

Material Options

Our Shaw carpet tiles consist of extremely tough Solution Q nylon fibers, which ensure outstanding performance for these carpet squares in high-traffic areas. The tiles carry a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. Solution Q fibers will:
  • Retain their color
  • Remain easy to clean and maintain
  • Feature a rating of 24 denier per filament (DPF)
  • Offer static control capabilities

The wear-resistant carpet fibers are Class 1 fire rated, making them safe to use in buildings that require high levels of fire protection.

Additionally, these fibers match Green Label Plus requirements. This is an independent testing program that requires a low level of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. This ensures a higher level of indoor air quality (IAQ), keeping everyone visiting the area safer.

The manufacturer attaches the nylon fibers to a StrataWorx Tile backing, which holds them in place and ensures excellent performance.

Pattern and Texture Options

With the low pile height in these Shaw carpet tiles, the manufacturer is able to create a patterned loop carpet texture. This design enhances the durability of the tiles, allowing them to stand up to high foot traffic locations without showing significant wear and tear.

We offer these tiles in a number of neutral color options. Beyond the main color of each tile, customers will find multiple shades that complement the main color. These will appear in subtle geometric patterns or lines that greatly enhance the appearance of the final layout.

Browns, tans, and grays are the most common colors found with these Shaw carpet tiles, meaning they should fit in well with whatever current color scheme is in use in the room.

Common Use Options

In a business or commercial setting, this is a popular style of carpet. It is easy to keep clean, which means businesses can impress customers without requiring a significant effort in cleaning the flooring.

Office buildings will use these Shaw carpet tiles in customer-facing areas like the lobby, as well as in corridors and in areas containing cubicles. This carpet even works in break rooms.

Government buildings, churches, schools, medical facilities, and similar buildings that have quite a bit of foot traffic are common customers for these models of tiles as well.

Although these work well as commercial carpet tiles, homeowners also can use them almost anywhere. Homeowners may install them in bedrooms, basements, living rooms, home offices, and hallways.

Installation Options

This type of tile requires a glue-down installation. The manufacturer recommends using a pressure sensitive latex carpet tile adhesive to ensure that the tiles won’t slide around against the subfloor after installation.

You can use a few different installation patterns with the orientation of the carpet squares, including monolithic, quarter turn, ashlar brick, or brick. These installation options, when coupled with the subtle pattern on each tile, create a unique final look in the layout.

Should one tile in the layout end up becoming damaged or soiled beyond repair down the road, the installer can pull that one tile loose with a bit of extra effort to loosen the glue, before replacing it with a new tile.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Because of the low pile design of these carpeting squares, they are easier to clean than a high pile type of carpet. This is helpful in a high traffic area where soils can accumulate quickly.

The manufacturer recommends daily vacuuming of the carpeting. In an installation in a lobby where people will be bringing in soils from outdoors, vacuuming more than once a day may be necessary.

If the carpet develops spots or excessive soils, customers can use spot cleaning techniques on the carpet squares. As often as needed, perform a deep cleaning, such as through a machine that can perform hot water extraction, can use dry extraction, or can use dry foam.