What Are The Safest Indoor Waterpark Floors?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: February, 2021 - Modified: February, 2021

  1. What Waterpark Floor Provides Fall Protection?
  2. What Are The Best Slate Alternative Indoor Waterpark Floors?

Having an appropriate flooring surface in an indoor waterpark is important for so many reasons. The safest indoor waterpark floors will protect from a fall injury, provide an anti-slip surface, prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and be one that is easy to clean and maintain. They should also be attractive, comfortable, and designed for safety.

The safest indoor waterpark flooring available from Greatmats would be one of the Foam Rubber Life Floor Swimming Pool Deck Tile products, with the following three being among the most popular:

  1. Life Floor Ripple Wet Tiles ⅜
  2. Life Floor Ripple Wet Tiles 3/16
  3. Life Floor Ripple Tiles - Bluebird
  4. Life Floor Slate Tiles

Each of these Life Floor aquatic products is safe and comfortable for a public recreation waterpark, splash pad, or pool area, with options for large or small pool construction projects. Not only are these manufactured to provide a safe surface for swimmers on pool decks and children playing at water parks, but also for safer locker room shower areas.

The Life Floor aquatic floor tiles are easy to clean with a special cleaning solution or damp mop with hot water. They can also be pressure washed at 2500 maximum psi. Because the tiles are made of a closed-cell foam, no moisture will penetrate into them.

What Are The Best Multi-color Option Indoor Waterpark Floors?

Life Floor Ripple Wet Tile ⅜ and Life Floor Ripple Wet Tile 3/16 are products that perform extremely well as in a waterpark setting. Available in ⅜ inch thick or 3/16 inch thick, this product is commercial waterpark and splash pad rated, and it meets NSF safety standards for wet surfaces. It is also anti-microbial and at a ⅜ inch thickness, it is ASTM fall height rated for 1 foot. Although great for an indoor waterpark, it is also suitable for outdoors as it’s UV resistant.

The rippled surface texture provides non-slip traction even when the surface is wet. Even when used in an outdoor setting in the hot sun, it will provide a safe footing that is cooler to the touch.

This flooring is also often used for indoor waterpark floors, as it is anti-microbial and non-toxic and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is available in six different attractive colors that can be mixed and matched to create a custom design.

What Waterpark Floor Provides Fall Protection?

Life Floor Ripple Tiles - Bluebird are another option used for indoor waterpark floors. With its ripple surface texture, it performs really well as it is designed to virtually eliminates slips and falls in wet areas. The attractive bluebird color is UV stable, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

This decking features an easy, permanent installation, and it is suitable in hot or cold climates. At a ⅞ inch thickness, it has a 4 foot ASTM fall height rating.

Like all Life Floor products, it is non-toxic and anti-microbial, which makes it perfect for commercial wet area environments like indoor waterpark floors or where a safer flooring solution is needed. This option is also suitable for indoors and outdoors, and it is a superior decking option on super hot days, as it is cooler to the touch in hot temperatures and indirect sunlight as the surface will cool down when stepped on. It also doesn’t get as cold as concrete or tile on those cooler days.

What Are The Best Slate Alternative Indoor Waterpark Floors?

Life Floor Slate Tiles present a flooring solution that looks and performs well indoors or outdoors with its attractive and classy appearance that is UV stable. Often installed as indoor waterpark floors, it is slip-resistant, durable, long-lasting, and versatile. It is made from PE/EVA foam and rubber material and comes in numerous colors. The tiles are ⅜ inch thick and provide a high level of cushion and traction.

This comfortable waterpark floor has a 1-foot fall height rating and is suitable for hot or cold temperatures. It features a grip top texture, making it safer and more comfortable than concrete, and cleaner than artificial stone or cheap non-slip flooring products.

Greatmats, for the best Indoor Waterpark Floors available, anywhere!

Choosing indoor waterpark floors can take some time and research, but taking the time to find one that features the benefits most important to you is well worth the time investment.

At Greatmats, there are many different products available that will look attractive while performing well in a waterpark setting. If you still have questions about which product is right for you, the friendly customer service team at Greatmats can help you determine the best solution for your project - based on the size and location of your waterpark, your design preferences, and your budget. They will help you find the product that will be the perfect compliment to your space.

Regardless of the waterpark flooring solution you choose, you simply can’t go wrong when you purchase from Greatmats.
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