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How To Build A Floating Deck Over Grass
Floating deck and patio floor tiles over grass can be found at Greatmats in a variety of styles and colors.
Build a DIY Dance Floor on Grass - Portable Outdoor Dance Floors
Learn how to make an outdoor dance floor on uneven ground. These portable DIY outdoor dance floors are easy to install over any hard flat surface.
What Is Fall Protection Flooring?
Greatmats answers the question, ''What is fall protection flooring?'' and lists safe product choices designed for fall safety.
What's The Best Outside Flooring For Parties?
Outside flooring for parties, events, and weddings, can be found at Greatmats.
Playground Mats vs. Playground Tiles
What makes playground mats and tiles two of the most respected and reliable playground surfaces?
How much are BJJ Mats? Competition and Training Floors
Learn how much BJJ mats cost and why. What influences the price of grappling and jiu jitsu mats and the rewards they present.
What Are the Most Durable Flooring Materials?
The most durable flooring materials for home, commercial or industrial settings include laminate, pvc, rubber, vinyl and wood.
What's The Most Affordable Party Tent Flooring?
Party tent flooring for outdoor events and weddings are affordable and can be found at Greatmats.
How To Fix A Muddy Horse Paddock With Mud Control Grids
Greatmats discusses a temporary and permanent solution on how to fix a muddy horse paddock with mud control grids.
What is a Dojo Mat? Japanese Martial Arts Training Hall Floors
Dojo mats are designed to offer a safe surface to train on for Japanese martial arts such as karate, jujutsu, judo and aikido.
What Kind of Decking Works Best Over Dirt?
There are a number of kinds of decking that will work best being installed over dirt.
What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In New Jersey?
Specialty flooring such as dance flooring, martial arts flooring, and gym flooring, in New Jersey can be found at
How Do You Install Wedding Tent Flooring?
Wedding tent flooring for outdoor receptions can be found at Greatmats.
What Is The Most Popular Specialty Flooring In Virginia?
Virginia specialty flooring can be found at
Can You Lay Basketball Court Tiles Over Grass?
Have you ever wondered if you can lay basketball court tiles over grass in your yard?
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Do I Need Sand Under Pavers?
Greatmats discusses if you need to have sand under your pavers and what the benefits are.
How Do You Install Modular Tent Flooring?
Modular tent flooring comes in many different forms, from outdoor tile to portable dance floors and pedestrian mats. They perform well in a temporary setting.
How Do You Keep Patio Tiles From Becoming Uneven On Dirt?
Patio tiles or pavers over dirt is the perfect solution for your water drainage issues.
What's the Best Floor for an Outdoor Dining Tent?
Greatmats identifies the best options for outdoor dining tent floors that are sturdy and work well over various surfaces like grass or gravel.
Karate Mat Thickness vs. Taekwondo, MMA, Judo and Grappling Mats
Why is a Taekwondo and Karate Mat so much thinner the Judo or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mats? Here's a guide to martial arts mats for sale.
What's The Best Flooring For An Outdoor Beer Garden Or Tent?
Beer garden flooring or beer tent floor tile can be found at and can be used over the street, gravel, dirt, and grass.
What's The Easiest Garden Party Flooring To Install?
What is the easiest garden party flooring to install in your backyard or other outdoor areas?
What Is A Lift Gate On A Truck?
Greatmats explains what a lift gate is and why would you need one for a freight delivery of flooring products.