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Greatmats offers tiles in the traditional 2x2 feet, 16x16 inch, and .65x.52 foot (dog bone shaped) sizes. Indoor and outdoor rubber pavers can be used for patios, decks, walkways, aisles, rooftops, and playgrounds. Rubber paver tiles offer a comfortable and weather resistant alternative to sidewalks or stone or concrete pavers. Made primarily from recycled rubber content, these pavers offer comfort and slip resistance, even in the wettest conditions. Install rubber patio pavers on hard, firm surfaces, with a glue down and/or interlocking tab connection methods.

Benefits of Rubber Paver Tiles

Consider the many benefits that rubber pavers offer:

  • Comfortable surface for walking and standing on
  • Attractive, eye-catching appearance is reminiscent of brick or tile, but is far safer
  • There's no chipping or cracking to worry about, as there is with brick or tile
  • Green product - pavers are primarily made from recycled rubber
  • Slip-resistant pavers help to keep you safe, even during wet weather
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Manageable sized pavers are easy to move, transport, and install
  • If a paver becomes damaged, you can replace that single paver, rather than having to replace your entire floor
  • Various installation methods ensure pavers work for just about any project

Potential Uses for Rubber Pavers

Here are just a few of the many ways that you can put rubber pavers to use:

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Walkways
  • Aisles
  • Rooftops
  • Playgrounds
  • Weight room floors
  • Locker rooms
  • Professional sports facilities
  • Golf courses
  • Equestrian facilities
  • And more

Rubber pavers are highly versatile, and you can likely come up with countless ways to put them to good use.

Choosing Your Rubber Sidewalk Pavers

Consider the following factors as you choose your pavers:

  • Will the pavers be used indoors or outdoors?
  • What type of style and size paver do you prefer?
  • What type of installation method - glue down or interlocking tab - do you prefer?
  • Which color paver would look great with your project?

We've outlined some of our most popular 1 inch pavers below to help you get started.

Sterling Rubber Pavers

One popular outdoor paver is the Sterling Rubber Tile, which is offered in six color options, including black. These 1.25-inch thick outdoor rubber tiles are non-absorbent and offer sturdy interlocking and glue together installation. They are easy to clean, easy to install, and very durable, sporting a lifetime limited warranty. These 19-pound outdoor rubber pavers can be used inside or outside and are popular as weight room floors, university locker room flooring, professional sports facility flooring, rooftop flooring, patio flooring, and deck flooring.

The Sterling Roof Top Tile is the thickest and highest priced rubber paver tile available from Greatmats. This paver measures a full 2 inches thick. Also available in eight 50 percent EPDM color options, these rubber pavers are made in Canada and both interlock and glue together for a top performance. UV treated, the Sterling Roof Top Tile is easy to clean and sports a lifetime limited warranty. Thanks to its heavy duty construction, this paver is ideal for use on patios, rooftops, golf courses, and decks.

Rubber Patio Paver Tile

If you're concerned about rubber pavers price, the Rubber Patio Paver Tile is our most inexpensive option. The paver is 3/4-inch thick. Available in red and brown, this outdoor paver rubber tile is made in the USA from 100 percent recycled rubber and costs around 3 dollars per square foot. These rubber pavers are also slightly smaller than the traditional 2x2 foot tile, as they are 16x16 inches in size and weigh just six pounds each, making the installation process a little easier on your back. Rubber Patio Paver tiles can be dry laid or glued down. They will not freeze or crack, but natural weathering may take place.

MX Outdoor Premium Rubber Tiles

At the opposite end of the rubber pavers price spectrum are the MX Outdoor Premium Rubber Tiles. These 1 inch pavers are UV treated and boast a 15-year limited warranty. They are rated for 2-foot falls and can be installed indoors or out. One of the main features that sets these 1 inch pavers apart from the MX Outdoor Play and Patio rubber tile is the fact that these pavers are available in many premium EPDM colors, so you can get just the look that you've dreamt up for your project. These pavers are made in the USA and are crafted from recycled rubber, so you can feel good about your paver choice.

MX Outdoor Play and Patio Rubber Tiles measure 1 inch thick and are available in four color options. These tiles are straight edged and also can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are FloorScore certified for indoor applications and can be installed using a nylon dowel connector indoors. Note, however, that pigmented lines of the product are not recommended for indoor use. The rubber patio pavers should be glued down for outdoor installations and must be installed over a hard, flat surface such as concrete, asphalt or decking.

MX Outdoor Rubber Tiles boast a 2 foot fall rating and come with a 15-year limited warranty. These outdoor rubber pavers are a great choice if you're looking for something truly special, since they can be designed with custom colors and logos. These 16-pound rubber patio pavers will not flake, peel, or chip, offer excellent UV fade resistance, and can be cleaned simply by hosing them off.

Rubber Patio Pavers for Equine Facilities

Rubber patio pavers are also popular in the equine community for paddock areas, barn aisles, wash stalls, breeding barns, and walkways. They offer a safe and forgiving surface for horses and handlers, while still providing a distinctive, beautiful finish that many barns and facilities desire. Whereas brick and cement are traditionally used in barn aisles and walkways, rubber patio pavers provide a far safer and superior flooring alternative. They are distinctive enough for elite facilities, yet are still affordable enough for your everyday operation, too.

Two of the most popular options for horse related flooring solutions are the 2x2 foot Equine Paver Tiles and the smaller but thicker Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles.

Our straight edged Equine Paver Tiles are 30 mm thick and weigh 20 pounds each. They are available in four colors - black, gray, terra cotta, and green. These rubber paver tiles offer a three-year limited warranty and can be both dry laid or glued down. Equine rubber patio pavers provide safe footing for yourself and your animal, offering excellent shock absorption which is far more desirable than the concussive effect of a concrete floor or walkway. Even better, these pavers help to control dust and bacteria, making for a safer and healthier barn environment.

Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles are .65 by .52 feet in size and are available in green, gray, and terra cotta. These pavers are another popular option for equestrian facilities. Dry laid, these rubber patio pavers feature a three-year manufacturer warranty. With a 1 3/4-inch thickness, the 2.5 pound pavers provide exceptional durability, comfort, and shock absorption. Dog bone shaped rubber patio pavers will give you endless design possibilities while keeping bacteria and dust under control.

Ordering Your Rubber Paving Tiles

We are proud to offer a large selection of rubber paver tiles suitable for a variety of purposes. As you prepare to order your floor mats, please give our flooring experts a call. We would be happy to provide you with product samples, detailed shipping information, and to even advise you on which product may be the best fit for your project.

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats, we want you to be happy with your product and with your shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, and we operate our business with the Golden Rule model - treat others as you want others to treat you. Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can buy from us with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is our priority.

You can feel good about buying from Greatmats. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

Do you have questions about these products? Would you like a quote or a sample of one of these flooring options? Please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help you choose the right flooring for your project.

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