How to Clean Artificial Turf Grass

By Kyle Schurman Created: May, 2021 - Modified: September, 2023

Artificial turf grass is a smart selection for areas where the installer wants a turf that stays green all year around, while protecting the area from the formation of mud after a heavy rainstorm. Learning how to clean the faux turf and performing occasional maintenance on it will keep it looking like new for years.

When wondering how to clean artificial grass, whether seeking to remove items like gum or leaves or attempting to disinfect the turf after a dog uses it to pee and poop, the process doesn’t take much time and will keep the artificial turf in excellent condition.

How Do You Perform Basic Cleaning Work on the Artificial Grass?

For an outdoor installation, rinsing the area with a garden hose typically works well. For an area that receives rain on a regular basis, the falling rain water should help to keep the area cleaner.

Outdoor turf for an athletic field can become dusty or may collect pollen over time. Water is the most efficient means of cleaning these contaminants, according to the manufacturers of the GrassTex artificial turf products.

Download: GrassTex Care & Maintenance Instructions

For an indoor installation, the best option to keep the area clean is to include plenty of trash cans for athletes to use, keeping the trash off the grass. Do not allow sunflower seeds or gum in the area.

To remove dust inside a gym or athletic facility, if the subfloor has the ability to drain, try cleaning the grass with a little bit of water from a garden hose.

If cleaning with water is not possible because it will not drain properly, a vacuum or a leaf blower will work to remove dry contaminants, like dust. (Using excessive water on the turf when the subflooring does not drain could lead to the formation of mold and mildew, as well as unwanted odors.)

How Should You Clean Artificial Turf After a Dog Uses It?

Some people install faux turf in areas where they will be walking the dog or in a dog run. This is a smart choice when natural grass will not grow properly in the area, leaving the dog muddy. If the dog likes to dig on bare ground, properly installed faux grass should put an end to this issue.

To make sure the turf stands up to a dog, it’s important to pick the best quality of product. The dog is going to leave urine and feces on the artificial grass, which means that the area will need occasional cleaning to prevent permanent stains and odors.

Having the right infill in place before installing the turf will help tremendously with keeping the dog area clean. An infill of sand, rubber pellets, tiny pebbles, or a combination of these materials will allow urine to drain through the turf and into these materials, where it can evaporate naturally.

GrassTex turfAfter removing solids, cleaning the artificial turf simply involves combatting odors once or twice a week. The makers of GrassTex turf recommend a solution of half white distilled vinegar and half water sprayed lightly in the area of frequent urination to help to combat odors. Enzyme cleaner made specifically for artificial grass also will work, according to the manufacturer of the Athletic Turf Tiles.

How Do You Remove Other Solids From the Faux Turf?

There are a number of other types of solids that may appear on the fake grass that will require specialized cleaning methods.

  • Gum: Facility managers should do everything they can to prevent gum chewing around the turf. However, if gum sticks to the turf, manufacturers recommend using ice to freeze the gum. Then remove it with a scraper.
  • Fungus or mold: The manufacturers of GrassTex outdoor turf recommend sponging a mixture of water and a 1% concentration of hydrogen peroxide to kill the mold in the area. Rinse it with water afterward to remove the solution.
    Download: GrassTex Care & Maintenance Instructions
  • Paint: If paint ends up on the faux turf, the manufacturer of GrassTex recommends using paint thinner or another type of paint removal product with a sponge or rag directly on the spot. Then rinse the area with water to remove the chemicals.
    Download: GrassTex Care & Maintenance Instructions

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