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Options for Residential Artificial Turf

We offer residential artificial grass in three different formats, so you can find the installation method that best fits your skill level and ability to do the work.
  • Rolls: To cover a large space with a synthetic lawn in a cost-effective manner, rolls are the best option. However, they are heavy, and installation requires some physical work. Landscaping turf rolls typically are 15 feet in width, but we offer some smaller 7.5-foot-wide rolls that are easier to handle.
  • Carpets and Rugs: If you only need to cover a small space, a turf rug outdoor product is an ideal selection. Our green turf carpet and mat products include sizes up to 9x12 feet.
  • Turf Tiles: Whether you need turf tiles for patio layouts or artificial grass interlocking tiles for an interior location, we have multiple sizes available. Interlocking grass tiles with a rubber base may measure 23 by 46 inches, while carpet lawn tiles may measure 24 by 24 inches.

Benefits of Residential Artificial Turf

Residential artificial turf provides a number of benefits for use at homes, regardless of the size of the space being covered.
  • Aesthetics: The faux grass looks amazing, carrying its green color all year around. The manufacturer uses yarns of differing colors and lengths to simulate real grass.
  • Minimal Maintenance: It looks like the real thing without the work and expense required to maintain natural yards.
  • No Mud: In areas that receive a lot of rain, bare spots in a thin natural lawn can turn messy quickly. Our residential artificial turf does not allow mud holes or puddles to form.
  • Durability: No matter what kind of weather, wear patterns from kids and pets, or sunlight intensity you have, our turf delivers perfect results every time. Most products last 10 years … and usually quite a bit longer.
  • Safety: Our synthetic turf products do not carry any toxic substances or dangerous chemicals. They are safe for all kinds of activities for pets, children, and adults.

Where to Use Residential Turf

One of the biggest advantages of our interlocking artificial grass tiles or rolls is the multiple options you have for deploying them. Our backyard turf products stand up to constant foot traffic in a kids’ play area. Using turf on a deck, balcony, or patio creates a comfortable flooring underfoot that delivers a vibrant look. Installing artificial grass in a dog run prevents digging, while allowing for easy cleanup of urine and feces.

Options for use of our artificial residential turf include:
  • Front yard
  • Backyard
  • Shady spots with thin grass
  • Lawn
  • Landscaping
  • Sports field
  • Patio
  • Balcony
  • Rooftop deck
  • Playground
  • Dog run
  • Pool surround
  • Indoor sports areas

Residential Artificial Turf Q&A

How do you install artificial turf grass for residential homes?

Installing outdoor artificial grass turf at a home takes some work, but it is possible as a DIY job. You must perform site preparation, set up the proper drainage, lay out the turf, and secure it in place. This can be quite the undertaking, which is why some homeowners choose to skip the DIY and hire an installer. If desired, our Greatmats customer service team can help you find a qualified installer in your area.

What is the best fake grass to use on a patio?

The best fake grass for a patio typically depends on the space you need to cover. At Greatmats, we have value-priced rolls that work great for larger patio spaces. If you have a smaller space to cover and want a product that’s easier to install, grass carpet tiles that interlock or straight-edge, pre-cut mats are a good choice.

Can you lay artificial turf over dirt?

Laying artificial turf over dirt is possible with certain products, as long as you prepare the soil properly. The Greatmats customer service team can help you find the perfect product based on the type of sub-base you have, including bare dirt.

How do you clean and maintain fake grass?

The best way to clean artificial turf indoors usually involves treating it like a carpet with vacuuming. For an outdoor installation, you often can rinse it with a garden hose. Avoid leaving items on the synthetic grass that could cause staining. Pick up any dog feces as quickly as possible.

What is the best pet-friendly grass turf for dogs?

The best artificial turf for dogs will prevent the animals from digging holes, while also giving them a safe place to rest and play. Drainage is key for this product, allowing rain and urine to pass through, and keeping odor at a minimum.