Protective Floor Covering

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Hardwood basketball court flooring is expensive. Replacing or refinishing them can be a drain on a facility's budget. Our floor covering protection is the ideal solution to protect your investment.

Vinyl Floor Protectors

We have these in 10, 18, 22, 27, and 32-ounce vinyl. The 10 foot wide rolls of gym floor protection are sold by the linear foot. This comes with 3- to 17-year limited warranties, depending on the weight of the vinyl. The 18-ounce variety is intended for limited use of 6 times per year or less, and the 32-ounce version is designed for that amount of use and more.

If purchasing this, consider ordering one of our safety storage racks as well. These are found in six, eight, and ten roller models, which can support up to 3,600 pounds of vinyl floor protection rolls. The racks make storage simpler while making the installation process easier as well.

For isolated areas, such as the sidelines, we have gym floor protective runners measuring 32 ounces. These are 4’ or 5’ in width and extend 50’ in length. They're perfect for adding extra guards in small spots. Whether tables, chairs, or other objects will be on the sidelines, these are an attractive way to keep it looking new.

Carpet Tiles

An alternative to vinyl is our Protective Gym Floor Carpet Tile, which yields a comfortable, durable, and attractive surface that’s perfect for any event. These measure 39-3/8 by 78-3/4 inches, so they can quickly lay out atop larger spaces. These offer people plenty of traction, creating a safe locale. These are heavy enough that they won't slide around, and one person can usually install and lay them out. They are an attractive way to protect the floor.

Additional Heavy Duty Floor Protection Products

We have a number of other products that can guard a gymnasium while simultaneously making it a more versatile and useful space.

Our Gym Turf 365 product can quickly transform it into a sports field. There's no adhesive or infilling needed, and it is easy to install and uninstall. This provides players with outstanding traction while also protecting them from injury. It won't cause turf burns, and it ensures that practice spaces are always available, even if the weather outside is terrible.

For outdoor sports fields, we have a number of ground protection mats that guard the integrity of the grass when hefty vehicles need to access the field or when expecting heavy foot traffic, such as in a graduation ceremony. These can be used to create a temporary road or path so the turf doesn't get torn up or worn during events or repairs.

These can be easily connected to create a continuous layout, and since they're designed for outdoor use, they help to preserve grass growth even when installed. Once the event or maintenance is complete, remove them, and the field will be none the worse for wear. These can save on costly repairs. They are ready for use again immediately. They're a must-have for busy athletic spaces that serve multiple purposes.

Potential Uses for Protective Floor Coverings

Use protective floor coverings for:
  1. Gymnasiums
  2. Schools
  3. Churches
  4. Recreational facilities

Benefits of Protective Floor Covering

Considering whether a protective floor covering is right for the facility? The answer is probably yes. Here are just a few advantages of a protective floor covering:
  1. It can increase the versatility and usefulness of the space, allowing for increased income opportunities.
  2. Allowing use for multiple activities can help avoid the costs of renting venues.
  3. It can keep it free of spilled drinks, high heel scratches, and other damage, reducing the need for resurfacing and preserving the original investment.
  4. It has high durability and, if cared for properly, will last for years.
  5. It is easy to clean, cuts down on maintenance time, and is designed for fast installation.
  6. In short, a protective floor covering will save money.

Protective Floor Covering Q&A

How do I protect my gymnasium floors?
Our floor covers are a popular option for use over large surfaces. This flooring cover is economical yet ultra-durable, making it an excellent investment.

Why do we use a protective floor covering?
Vinyl floor covers keep gym hardwood flooring safe from damage. These are waterproof, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and rot- and mildew-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting product. The seams are strong and lay smooth and flat to resist tripping hazards. These will exceed ADA and OSHA requirements for slip-resistant surfaces, helping to maintain guest safety as well as protecting the base at the same time.