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SKU# GMRM510-125

Gmats Roll Out Mats 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch

Home Roll Out Mat, Exercise Roll Out Mat, Roll Up Workout Mat

Roll Out Jiu Jitsu Mat, Roll Out Gym Mat, Roll Out BJJ Mats
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Top Features for Gmats Roll Out Mats 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch

  1. Durable tatami top vinyl surface
  2. Full 1.25 inch thick foam protection
  3. Same quality as professional martial arts floors
  4. Easy roll out for use, easy roll up storage
  5. Use on top of hard surfaces, tape together numerous pieces
  6. Great for home martial arts and aerobic X type workouts
  7. Use in workout room floors, shoes and boots are ok
  8. Durable professional quality PE foam material
Use Types

Martial Arts Mats, Wrestling Mats, MMA Mats, Judo Mats, Jiu Jitsu Mats, Home Exercise

If you need a mat you can roll out quickly and set up for a variety of martial arts disciplines and exercise options, the product from Greatmats will deliver the ease of use and strong performance you need.

This home roll out mat contains a durable, professional quality vinyl top material. The foam base is made from a high quality cross-linked polyethylene foam. This large workout mat is great for home exercises, martial arts, wrestling, and plyometrics training.

Use Cases

With this roll out gym mat product, you'll be able to turn any basic home workout room into a more versatile and functional fitness space. These mats are an excellent product for use in a studio setting or gym too, because they're easy to deploy and don't take up much space when stored. Here are some ways this studio or home roll out mat will work well for different martial arts.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Within the Brazilian jiu jitsu, or BJJ, discipline, students focus on ground fighting and grappling. Your students will love our roll out BJJ mats to have padding for this type of martial art practice.
Jiu Jitsu: Even though jiu jitsu may be known as a gentle martial art, students will benefit from having some padding available. A roll out jiu jitsu mat will be convenient to use, as you can roll it out as needed and store it easily at other times.
Judo: Judo makes use of throws, takedowns, joint locks, and chokes, which means students will appreciate having some padding available during practice time.
Karate: Even though most karate work occurs in the standing position, the padded foam in our mat is a great option as a roll up workout mat. You'll also like the sure footing your karate students will have with the tatami surface on the vinyl of this Gmats Roll Out Mats 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch product from Greatmats.
MMA: MMA training is tough enough on the body without having to worry about bumps, bruises, and joint pain occurring. With a roll up workout mat, you can ensure those people doing the training will have a cushioned landing area. The cushion also will allow students to work out for longer periods, as the padding is easier on joints than a hard floor surface.
Taekwondo: A cushioned surface will help taekwondo students practice for longer periods of time without the kind of joint and muscle fatigue they might receive on a hard floor surface.
Wrestling: The foam in our roll up workout mat provides a cushioned landing area for wrestlers working on different moves. Yet the tatami surface vinyl on the top of the mat is resistant to scratches and scuffs, meaning it is tough enough to stand up to wresting shoes.

Beyond martial arts, our exercise roll out mats work great for general exercise too, either in your home or in a gym setting. These versatile mats will give you exactly the level of cushioning and sure footing that you need for many different types of exercise. The 1.25-inch thick foam home roll out mat provides both cushion and support for jumping and rolling.

You will find this home roll out mat works especially well on top of carpeting for home workouts and exercises such as P90X. The cross-linked polyethylene foam material on the back of these exercise roll out mats will grip carpeting very well, ensuring you won't have to worry about losing your footing, even during hard-core workouts.

Layout Options

The individual roll up workout mat measures 5 by 10 feet, giving you 50 square feet of coverage area. But if you need extra space for your workout, you can slide multiple mats together to gain as much space as required.

Each individual mat has a perfectly rectangular shape, which means you can place these mats side by side or end to end, and they will slide up tightly against each other. Use a releasable vinyl tape to cover the seam on the top when assembling more than one mat together. This common vinyl tape is available in most home improvement stores.

You also can just roll out a single mat to have in place for a quick lesson or practice session and then remove the roll up workout mat when you're ready to return to the original flooring. This mat rolls up quickly, and it can be stored on end or horizontally without taking up too much room. Both professional studios and home users appreciate the convenience and portability of this athletic workout and exercise mat for aerobics, wrestling, grappling, and martial arts practices.

As each roll up workout mat weighs just 30 pounds, one person will be able to move this product wherever required. As the mat is 5 feet wide, even after being rolled up, it may take two people to carry these mats in some cases.

Rolling up our exercise roll out mats is an easy process, thanks to the slits cut into the foam backing on the mats. As you roll up these mats, the foam sections will pull apart, allowing you to roll up the vinyl top tightly. Even with the slits in the foam, the integrity of the mat will not be compromised when it's flattened out for use. It will work and feel like an uncut piece of foam when students are standing on and using the mat.

Demonstration Areas

The portability and large surface area of our Gmats Roll Out Mats 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch product makes it an ideal flooring for martial arts demonstrations, where quick installation and limited seams are desired.

A single roll up workout mat can be unrolled in almost no time. The 50 square feet of coverage area provides enough room for two people to perform basic martial arts moves, such as punches, kicks, and even some throws.

Because these exercise roll out mats are so large, you don't need to try to connect multiple small mats to make a demonstration area, as occurs with some other products. This means there is no risk of toes becoming caught in seams when performing spinning kicks or other moves where the students will be in bare feet. Once you are done with your demo, you can roll the mat back up again in a matter of seconds and be ready for the next activity.

If you are in need of a larger demonstration space for forms or sparring, you can just roll out multiple mats and tape them together using a vinyl tape. The Gmats Roll Out Mats 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch mats from Greatmats are an excellent product to have on hand in a martial arts studio, because you can use these nicely cushioned mats for so many different purposes.

Tough Mats

You can count on our home roll out mat product to last for a long time. The vinyl bonded foam will stand up to constant use, and the vinyl is thick enough to resist punctures. The exercise roll out mats feature a material density rating of Shore C 62, giving it a great mix of toughness and cushioning. Each mat has a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

By using vinyl bonded foam, you'll receive a sturdier type of construction in these mats than those using a glue type of bonding. Glue may dry and fail over time, causing the vinyl to pull away from the foam and leaving the mat unusable. However, you can count on the quality of the bonded foam of the Gmats Roll Out Mats 5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch mats from Greatmats.

When it comes to the construction of our home roll out mat, our quality control standards are among the industry's most stringent. This roll up workout mat is manufactured with the best quality vinyl cover and foam materials available, which gives our mats good longevity and makes them a great value for both home users and for martial arts studios. Even athletic studios and workout gyms can benefit from these versatile mats.

Maintenance and Ordering Options

You can clean these exercise roll out mats relatively easily using methods you'd use on other types of flooring. To remove dirt and other dry debris, you can sweep the mats as needed. Should you want to clean the mats more thoroughly, you can mop them using common household floor cleaners. We wouldn't recommend using a lot of water or cleaning product on these mats, as they are partially absorbent.

Do not use these mats for extended periods of time outdoors, as they have not been UV treated. They also could absorb moisture from the ground if you're using them over a damp grass area, for example.

We offer these mats in two colors of vinyl, black or blue. You'll love the way the vinyl looks on these mats, and it will fit in well with any type of martial arts studio, providing a professional look. If you have any questions about this style of mat, please contact our knowledgeable Greatmats customer service team for help!


Easily clean this workout mats with common household floor cleaners with a damp mop.


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This Product Ships UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and/or Freight.
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In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Vinyl bonded Foam
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1-1/4 inch
Width 5.00 feet
Length 10.00 feet
SF per Item 50.00
Weight 30.00 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent Partial
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore C 62
Interlocking Connections No
Made In Imported
Surface Finish Tatami texture
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Roll out dry lay on any flat surface
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Product Questions:

We do not have for this product. In this size its intended for home use.
What's the difference between this mat and the $274 5x10x1.25 rollout workout mat on the site? Looking for a mat that would be good for kettlebell training (barefoot) as well as P90x with shoes.
The mats are similar in make up, the Gmats brand is our own and thus sells for less.
I want to use this mat for high impact aerobics. I will be putting it over a laminate floor. Will this slip around?
That depends on the type of exercise, its possible the mat will slip a little bit, consider an anti slip rug runner.
If we put this flooring in a room in our house could a century heavy bag stand go on top of it? We'd like to mount the bag in the ceiling but we've got a stand in the mean time.
Yes these roll out martial arts and exercise mats will hold the weight of a heavy bag stand.
I'm looking for shock absorbing flooring to put on a basement cement floor in my daughters gymnastics studio... would this be enough cushion to use or would I still have to purchase a gymnastics folding panel mat yd ou think?
Depending on the activities, this 1.25 inch thick workout and exercise mat can be used for some gymnastics. Generally a gym folding mat is more common for gymnastics.
Can I put heavy bag stand/heavy bag on this mat?
Yes this foam roll can hold the weight of a bag stand or similar.
Can the mat be cut to size?
Yes this roll out mat can be cut as needed using a sharp utility knife.
I want use the mat 4 bjj/wrestling its ok?
Yes this roll out flexible mat can be use for BJJ and wrestling.
Can this mat be cut? 5x9 or 5x8 would fit my room perfectly.
Yes this foam floor mat with vinyl cover can be cut with a sharp utility knife.
Would this mat work well for yoga and Pilates? If not which mat would work better? I'll also be using it for my baby to use while she's learning to crawl around. My husband and I will also be using it while playing just dance on Nintendo wii, and for wii fit exercises & games. Oh and also plyometrics, butbit sleesrh indicates this is good for that. Thank you
This mat is designed for martial arts and wrestling. It might be too soft for yoga. I would recommend a simple yoga mat for yoga.
Yes please contact customer service for commercial jobs.

REVIEWS⌃ Back to top

Customer Rating:

We love our mats! They are nice and thick! Looking to get another one!

San Antonio, TX

Customer Rating:

Good deal easy setup!

Boston, NY

Customer Rating:

Great mats! Perfect for home use!

Watchung, NJ

Customer Rating:

Excellent mats! Exactly what we need for our workout room. Durable yet cushiony as well. Perfect for use with our kickboxing and other DVDs that require jumping.

Jacksonville, IL

Customer Rating:

Just what I was looking for

Pineville, LA

Customer Rating:

Arrived in a decent time. Product is very nice, one day we need to get a larger one! Thanks so much. Have a great day


Customer Rating:

shipped and delivered as promised. matt was as described... after ordering 1 .... i bought another

Long Beach, CA

Customer Rating:

I ordered these mats and have used them at my Tae Kwon Do Studio, they are great. The mats provide plenty of cushioning to practice falling techniques, and are comfortable for pivoting when practicing forms and sparring. They are easy to roll up and store, and just as easy to put out for class. I do use some mat tape to hold two mats together in order to prevent slipping, although that has been very minor. The customer service for Greatmats has been top notch, and the delivery was prompt. I have eight mats so far and plan on purchasing four more, I would highly recommend this product!


Customer Rating:

This is a fabulous product. It is just the right amount of cushion and firmness for a good workout.
It is lightweight, easy to handle, rollup put away and get out every time I use it. The only thing that would make it better is if the back of the foam coating had a non-slip nonskid texture because I'm using it on hardwood floors. I have used antiskid pieces that go on the rugs but it still slip some and I have thought about buying some nonskid coding that you can paint on, however, i'm not sure if that would be safe for the vinyl top, so I haven't done that yet.

Austin, TX

Customer Rating:

Great product and price. I bought 3. I did have to use Velcro to hold the mats in place on thick carpet. 15' x 10' would slide without it.
My family is working on Judo and Jiu-Jitsu so we hit the mats, a lot. The mats are SOFT but not too soft for kicking. boxing, cross fit or any other bare feet physical activity. The mats are great for working with kids due to the softness. Falls and rolls are great.
Sparring is good on the mats. Great grip and the mats don't feel like you are ripping them apart when you push hard. With 5x10 you get fewer tape lines and chances for toes to snag. I would suggest theses mats to anyone looking for a good floor to get started on.
We are all under 200 lbs and my mat is on top of a floating floor, thick carpet and pad. I would believe the mats would work good on concrete too. This is a good product and I will buy more if needed.

Atlanta GA