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Types of Indoor Playground Flooring

Indoor playground flooring from Greatmats keeps kids protected from potential falls while they are running and playing in playground areas. It also serves as a soft flooring option for a children’s playroom at home. Our indoor play mats have good versatility, ensuring that you can match the product to the planned installation.

Materials and Types of Indoor Playground Mats

We offer several different materials in our indoor play mats, helping you find just the right design for the requirements you have for the space. 
  • Foam: Tiles are the most common material type for foam soft indoor playroom flooring, but you can find folding mats also.
  • Rubber: Rubber flooring for an indoor playground surface are common in a tile format, and are especially useful when durability is a must. Tiles offer ASTM fall height ratings.
  • Artificial turf: Using rolls of artificial turf (with optional padding) in a play area is a great surface for a natural look and feel where children will be running or practicing sports.

  • Flexible PVC: PVC plastic tiles are one option for indoor play areas because of the versitility of the material.

Use Cases for the Right Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles

When you need fall height rated protection for kids around indoor playground equipment, rubber tiles are the ideal selection. They work well in the following areas:
  • Climbing structures
  • Playgrounds
  • Schools/churches
  • Indoor recreation centers
  • Trampoline parks

Benefits of Indoor Playground Mats

You receive a number of benefits when installing floor mats for an indoor play space from Greatmats, including: 
  • Safety across the entire surface
  • Potential fall height protection, depending on the floor selected
  • Maximum comfort for kids
  • Fun colors
  • Attractive and appealing designs
  • DIY installation options to save money
  • Many economical choices to cover large spaces

How to Pick the Best Flooring for Indoor Playgrounds

Take the time to think about how you plan to use the play space and the results needed before you make your selection.
  • Do you need fall height protection near climbable structures and equipment?
  • Does the floor need to stand up to a foot traffic path?
  • Do you need to assemble and disassemble the floor regularly?
  • Is this a commercial playground setting or a home playroom?
  • Are the design options and colors available important?

Indoor Playground Flooring Q&A

What is the best indoor playground flooring?

The best indoor playground flooring matches the use case that you are planning for the space, whether you need cushioning, durability, fall height protection, ease of cleaning, or colorful designs. We at Greatmats have dozens of choices to match your needs.

What is a top choice for safe indoor playgrounds using foam tiles?

Protecting kids is an important feature of any indoor play surface. Greatmats offer several interlocking EVA foam tiles that protect kids when they are playing and some have a 4 ft fall height rating.

How do I choose the best indoor playground flooring?

To choose your indoor play area floors, match the plans you have for the space with the properties of the floors. Durability may be the most important feature for you in an area with significant foot traffic. Having multiple color options may be necessary to fit a fun atmosphere you are trying to create in the space. You even could use multiple flooring designs, if necessary. With climbing equipment, cushioning to protect from falls is vital.

What is fall height rated flooring?

Fall protection flooring has a cushioned design that protects people from a head injury if they fall from a certain height. The floor tiles have an HIC fall height rating, based on the maximum height of the fall for which people can receive protection, such as 6 feet.

What are some popular indoor playground flooring surfaces to use?

Many of our customers match the play area flooring surface selection to the use that will be occurring. Areas with ground level equipment or areas for toddlers often use EVA foam to protect against falls. For areas with climbing equipment a rubber tile with a 6 ft fall height rating is often required. We have dozens of different products available for indoor play areas, so you can perfectly match your space to your needs.