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Safety Flooring at InnerActive Indoor Playground

Date Published: 11-22 - 2019

Teddy and Stacy Anderson own and run InnerActive Playground, a large fun place to play inside. It’s unsupervised, so parents can get a code at the front door to enjoy the space.

Having good safe fun is a priority at InnerActive Playground and its flooring plays a big role in accomplishing that, including in the area with the jumper where kids are bouncing all over the place, falling to the ground, getting up and falling again.

Teddy felt this was something that was missing in the area and built it in the image of what he and Stacy hoped for for their kids.
He found that flooring is something that is overlooked and
everywhere a kid or adult is walking in his business, he wanted it to be soft and easy to walk on as well as durable going forward, so he doesn't have to continually be replacing it.

The favorite thing is the big bouncy pillow. InnerActive also has a building blocks area, a basketball court a soccer field, and an outdoor style playground brought inside for kids between 5 and 12 and also for 2 to 5. It also has a toddler area for kids under 2 and two large party rooms.

After considering a lot of the choices and trying a lot of things out, the Andersons decided to use Greatmats flooring through building each of the play areas.

He chose the cheer mats for bouncy pillow area because kids off like popcorn at all hours of the day and they provide protection against those falls.

In the building blocks area, they went with the rubber interlocking tiles because they’re very easy to clean and provide a little bit of comfort for kids playing with building blocks. They were also simple to install and have been really durable.

In the soccer and football field they went with a longer turf. The longer turf has proved to be a much more comfortable surface to play on than shorter turfs and it’s been really durable and fun for both sports.

In the infant and toddler area, they have soft eva foam interlocking tiles which provide an easier, softer surface to crawl on for kids under two years old. Those have also been an easy area to clean and have been durable.

Greatmats helped the Andersons get all of their solutions filled in the crunched time frame they needed to get open for their first winter of business. Teddy was very happy working with customer support and the people to get everything installed. Most of the installations he even did himself.

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