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What are the Best Crash Mats for Gymnastics?

By Paige Cerulli Created: May, 2024 - Modified: May, 2024

A gymnastics crash mat is an essential tool to help keep gymnasts safe. These crash mats absorb shock and impact, offering a softer landing space for gymnasts as they’re training to build skills. They can help to prevent injuries, contributing to athlete safety during landings or in the case of a fall.

But to get the best results from your gymnastics crash pad, it’s important to choose a quality pad that’s right for your program. We’ll highlight some of the best options to help you decide.

The Best Gymnastics Crash Mat Options for Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for a safety mat for home use or want to outfit your professional training program with a quality gymnastics crash pad, Greatmats has plenty of options. We’ve highlighted the must-know information on each option to help you choose the landing mat that’s right for your program.

Gymnastics Training Crash Mat Non-Fold

gymnastics crash mat for home

The Gymnastics Training Crash Mat Non-Fold measures four inches thick and is a versatile choice for all levels of gymnastics classes. It’s also suitable for martial arts, skills training, and indoor playgrounds for kids.

This mat is suitable for activities where athletes need a little extra cushion and shock absorption. It can also help take the sting out of landings. It features handles on all sides, so it’s easy to move around your gym, and it is also available in custom sizes.

Gymnastics Training Crash Mat Single Fold

gymnastics crash pad

The Gymnastics Training Crash Mat Single Fold offers a little more versatility than your standard non-folding mat. Measuring four inches thick, you can fold this mat over on itself to double its thickness to eight inches. The dual-layer thickness gives the mat a little extra height, too. Plus, it saves space if you’re working with a limited storage area.

The mat features web handles on all sides, so it’s easy to move around, while the polyurethane foam offers excellent shock absorption to help protect athletes. The cover is a durable 18-ounce vinyl-coated polyester, making this mat a long-lasting addition to your gym.

Safety Landing Mat Non-Folding

safety landing mat for home

Our Safety Landing Mat Non-Folding is an eight-inch mat that offers more shock absorption and protection than our four-inch options. It measures 5x10 feet and is a highly versatile choice used in many different areas.

This gymnastics crash mat is suitable for intermediate gymnastics classes and can be used for gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer programs. The thicker cushion is ideal for students practicing landing or dismounting and can help prevent injuries and leg and joint fatigue.

Gymnastics Cushion Crash Mat Non-Fold

gymnastics crash mat for kids

Measuring 6x12 feet x 8 inches, the Gymnastics Cushion Crash Mat Non-Fold is a more spacious mat that offers increased shock absorption. Its generous size provides plenty of coverage, so you can place it beneath a piece of equipment like a balance beam while offering athletes plenty of protection.

This thicker mat is suitable for tumbling and gymnastics programs, skills training, and cheerleading.

Competition Landing Mat Bi-Fold

landing mat for kids

The Competition Landing Mat Bi-Fold measures 8x12 feet x 20 centimeters, or just under 8 inches thick. It consists of a bottom layer of custom-formulated polyurethane foam plus a 1-⅜ cross-linked polyethylene foam, maximizing the mat’s durability and longevity.

The gymnastics crash mat offers plenty of cushions and shock absorption and is a great choice for use with the balance beam. It’s also suitable for gymnastics events, tumbling passes, and cheerleading jumps.

Gymnastics Skill Crash Mat Bi-Fold

gymnastics crash mat for training

If you’re looking for maximum protection for your gymnasts, you’ll find it in the Gymnastics Skill Crash Mat Bi-Fold. The mat measures a full 12 inches thick when folded up for optimal shock absorption. You can also use it unfolded when you need a landing area that has a bit of firmness while still helping keep athletes safe. The vinyl-coated polyester surface cover is durable enough to withstand significant use, and you can choose from many color options, too.

The mat’s generous 5x10-foot size gives you plenty of options in how you use it around the gym. Breather mesh sides let air escape when athletes land, and since the mat folds up, it minimizes the storage space required. The gymnastics crash pad is equipped with web handles on all sides, so you can move it around as needed.

Choosing Your Gymnastics Crash Mat

We have a fantastic selection of crash mats available here at Greatmats so we can equip everything from your home gymnastics practice space to your professional gym and training program. As you explore the options, contact the Greatmats customer service team with any questions. We’re happy to provide shipping quotes, help you decide which mat is best for your needs, and help you place custom orders for mats, too.