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Options for Event Flooring

Holding an event requires a lot of planning, from putting together the guest list to selecting the food to lining up the entertainment. But when you want your event to stand out truly and to be open to people of any age and any level of mobility, don’t forget to plan for the type of flooring to use.

Installing sturdy event flooring delivers multiple benefits, including covering soft ground, supporting chairs and tables, and allowing friends and family members using wheelchairs, walkers, or canes to attend the event without worrying about a fall. Trust Greatmats to deliver the best options for a temporary floor covering for a party. Our removable floor tiles are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Types of Portable Flooring for Events

Greatmats offers several different options when seeking the best temporary flooring for events. To select the right type of party floor covering, consider the venue you're using and the space you have available. We offer products for either indoor or outdoor use.
  • Tiles and Panels: Tiles and panels are popular selections for event flooring. They’re easy to assemble while remaining lightweight. You can add as many tiles as you need to create the perfect dimensions in the ground cover.
  • Mats: Ground protection mats work well as temporary flooring for outdoor events when you’re looking to create sturdy spaces where people must walk over soft ground. These mats even support golf carts or larger motor vehicles to help shuttle people to the event.
  • Rolls: Using rolls tends to work best as an indoor event floor covering where you won’t have weather exposure. Vinyl floors often have a high-gloss finish, which grabs attention, drawing visitors to your trade show booth or making a wedding or reception feel more glamorous.

Where to Use Temporary Event Flooring

Temporary event flooring works well for a variety of events and locations.
  • Deck or patio: Event deck flooring covers a worn patio, giving it a fresh appearance before a party.
  • Weddings: Hold a wedding in your backyard with our flooring, rather than renting an event hall.
  • Dance performances and stage performances: When taking performances on the road, carry this portable floor with you to ensure the safest surface for the performers.
  • Conventions and trade shows: When you have to create flooring in a hurry at a location you may not be able to inspect ahead of time – all while impressing visitors and guests – event flooring tiles are an ideal selection.
  • Parties and celebrations: Hold anniversary parties, birthday galas, and religious celebrations anywhere and anytime with our portable event flooring.
  • Fundraisers: When you want to impress your guests during a fundraiser, a high-quality portable flooring you can assemble just for the event has a lot of advantages.

Benefits of Event Flooring

Some of the benefits of making use of event flooring from Greatmats include:
  • DIY: Assemble and disassemble the flooring yourself, saving money versus hiring a professional installer.
  • Removable: You can move the flooring around wherever it’s needed, as you don’t need glue to assemble or install it.
  • Easy to store: After the event, disassemble the floor and place it in storage. Many of our event flooring tiles are 1x1 or 2x2 feet, making it easy to stack and store them.
  • Lightweight: Lightweight tiles are easy to move around and install, which is ideal for portable event flooring.
  • Durable: You can use these flooring tiles, mats, and rolls over and over, as they’re made for repeated assembly and disassembly.
  • Flexible: Some tiles and mats are flexible enough to go over the top of uneven ground without coming apart or having raised edges.
  • Sturdy: When you need event flooring to go over the top of soft ground, while supporting the weight of tables and chairs, we have multiple types of firm tiles available. A firm backyard party flooring can make it easier for people with walkers, strollers, and wheelchairs to move around without worrying about tripping.

Event Flooring Q&A

How big should an event dance floor be?

The best event dance floor size should match the number of dancers you expect to have to participate. Plan on about 9 square feet per dancer. For example, a 15x15-foot dance floor is perfect for up to 25 dancers.

Do event rental companies use Greatmats products?

Yes, event rental companies use Greatmats products for flooring rentals. Companies like Event Rentals in South Carolina shopped around and determined Greatmats has the best price and selection for flooring.

What’s the best high gloss sheet vinyl flooring for special events?

The best high gloss sheet vinyl flooring for special events is the Event High Gloss Show Flooring Roll. It is a temporary flooring solution that allows a tape-down installation for quick results.

What should you look for in indoor event and trade show flooring?

You should look for a few features in indoor event and trade show flooring, including portability, water resistance, durability, style, and comfort.

How do you choose the proper tent and event flooring?

Selecting the best tent and event flooring starts with deciding whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor event, as some floors work better over uneven ground or when exposed to UV rays. Additionally, consider the activities being held, any specific qualities you need in your floor, and your budget.