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Drainage Mat & Matting Options

Drainage mat flooring products deliver a number of benefits in areas with excess moisture. They create a safer place for employees to stand without having to work in standing water.

The drainage matting with holes that we carry at Greatmats is highly versatile as well, as we provide numerous types and sizes to fit almost any planned use case.

Drainage Mat Types

Because we offer multiple formats in our waterproof drainage mats, customers can find the perfect solution to whatever flooring problem they are having.
  • Single mats: A single mat has a specific coverage size, such as 3x5 feet or 4x6 feet, making it ideal for a single person working in a kitchen preparing food or washing dishes.
  • Interlocking mats: Interlocking mats allow you to quickly connect multiple mats together without glue to create any coverage size. We offer 1x1 flexible tiles as well as larger 3x3 interlocking drainage mats.
  • Matting rolls: For walkways in damp areas or to provide cushioning for people who must stand in line or at assembly lines, our rolls have a narrow width and dozens of feet of length.
  • Plastic tiles: To create a sturdy floor over a dirt or grass surface outdoors, perforated mats featuring hard plastic allow rainwater to drain away fast.

Drainage Mat Benefits

Many of our mats offer a cushioned, anti-fatigue surface, helping workers avoid lower body pain during a long day on their feet versus standing on concrete.

Some models of our flooring have larger perforated holes than others, so you can match the product to the amount of water that your flooring experiences.

We have safety mats with drainage holes, too, that have a beveled edge to avoid a trip hazard or a colored edge to warn people in areas with poor lighting that they are preparing to step on or off of the mat.

Where to Use Drainage Floor Mats

The versatility of our drainage matting products is impressive, making it easy to match planned uses at home or at a commercial location. Some usage options include:
  • Outdoor patios
  • Decks
  • Pools
  • Water parks
  • Beaches
  • Locker rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial walkway
  • Bridge
  • Entrance area
  • Animal grooming business
  • Restaurant prep areas
  • Commercial food prep areas
  • Refrigeration trucks
  • Walk-in refrigerator or freezer
  • Supermarkets
  • Industrial assembly line
  • Warehouses

Drainage Mat Q&A

What types of drainage floor matting are used for industrial use?

Industrial perforated mats need to consist of durable materials that will stand up to tough conditions and will last a long time. Some of our top options are:
  • 3M Safety-Walk wet area rolls (up to 50 feet in length)
  • Firmagrip 33 foot rolls
  • Flexigrid 33 foot or 16.5 foot rolls
  • Heronair 33 foot rolls
  • Herongripa 33 foot rolls
  • Heronrib 33 foot rolls

What are drainage mats for floors made from?

We use many different types of materials in our drainage mats, whether you need a non-slip surface, a cushioned surface, or a firm surface. Some of the options include:
  • Polypropylene plastic
  • PVC plastic
  • Rubber
  • Nitrile rubber
  • Vinyl

Blends of PVC and foam or carpet and plastic are available for specific use cases, too.

Are your drainage mats used for foundation walls?

No, these particular products do not work for foundation walls. At Greatmats, we offer flooring mats that provide protection on floors where standing water or dampness exists. Our products seek to make work areas and public areas safer by guarding against slips when walking and by providing extra comfort when standing versus bare concrete.

What are the top drainage mats and matting for commercial floors?

At Greatmats, we have multiple designs of drainage mats for commercial flooring. They consist of highly durable materials that can drain away quite a bit of water in a short amount of time. They also have a texture that helps people avoid slips. Many times, they can support the weight of people walking on them, as well as the wheels of carts.