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Safety Crash Mats at Discover Happy Aerial Arts and Pilates - Greatmats

Date Published: 08-28 - 2019

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My name is Amanda Rhine and I am the owner of discover happy aerial arts and pilates studio. We established the pilates studio in 2011. The aerial arts program started developing probably in 2016 and its just started getting bigger and bigger to where we are now.
I am basically heading and developing the aerial youth program.
Greatmats was definitely the most budget friendly and it also gave us just tons of different options to customize, to have the thickness and width that we need for any of our safety issues that we might have so it just seemed like the best option for us really.
I wanted definitely more than 8 inches of thickness, just to make sure that if anybody happened to fall that they had enough cushion to take on the impact of that fall.
This was a really good start because we’re never sure how many spaces we’ll need at one time. Being able to store this has been really easy too. That’s been an issue in other places before we moved into this gym - was storage space. They kind of met all of those needs for us as well.
They allow us to explore some more dynamic movements with a little bit more ease. We know that we’re going to fall on something safe.

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