Crash Mats Blue 6 x 12 ft x 12 cm Bi-Fold

Crash Mats Blue 6 x 12 ft x 12 cm Bi-Fold Splits
Gymnastics Competition Landing Mats Blue 6 x 12 ft x 12 cm Bi-Fold
Crash Mats Blue 6 x 12 ft x 12 cm Bi-Fold Hook and Loop Connectors
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  • Premium 18 oz. Matte Textured vinyl coated polyester
  • Double stitched top edge and number 10 YKK, molded zipper
  • 2 inch polyester web handles for easy moving
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  • Royal Blue

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  1. Premium 18 oz. Matte Textured vinyl coated polyester
  2. Double stitched top edge and number 10 YKK, molded zipper
  3. 2 inch polyester web handles for easy moving
  4. Hook and Loop attaching systems on the ends for attaching.
  5. Manufactured in royal blue only

Martial Arts Throw Training, Judo Landing Mats, Ukemi Practice

NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable.

Throw Mats and Ukemi Mats

We offer martial arts product, which features a bottom layer of custom-formulated polyurethane foam as well as a 1-3/8 cross-linked polyethylene foam to provide longevity for your mats. Martial artists can count on our crash mats to provide the right amount of cushion for all their training needs. This is especially important for grappling arts like Judo where nage-waza (throwing techniques) and ukemi (falling) is a big part of the training regimen. Our blue crash mats have nice mid-range thickness levels, which give them a good versatility in your dojo, gym, studio or academy. They have the best combination of shock absorption and footing.

These 6 foot x 12 foot x 12 cm Bi-Fold martial arts crash mat in blue vinyl are added safety value to your gym and athlete. You can use these blue landing mats as cushioning for landing areas for throws or to protect the judoka while learning sky falls. They work for all kinds of events, tumbling passes, and jumps as well for the final landing. Judo crash mats are ideal to use in all of your throw training.

Comfortable Thickness

We offer these pads in two thicknesses measurements of 12 and 20 cm (about 4.7 and 7.9 inches). With these thickness options, you can select the appropriate amount of cushioning depending on your training purpose.
Different thicknesses in mats will give you varying results, so it's important to select the proper mat thickness in landing mats to meet your team's specific needs.

For example, a mat that's designed more to provide cushioning during a full tumbling run for tricking is likely to be thinner, say 1.5 inches in thickness, which ensures the athlete doesn't sink too far into the mat and can maintain his or her footing better.

Greater height impacts require a thicker mat. Use the 12 inch thick mats for the ultimate cushioning.

But our blue landing mats have nice mid-range thickness levels, which give them a good versatility in your studio. They have the best combination of shock absorption and footing.

Comfortable Foam

You also can choose among non-folding, bi-fold, or quad-fold vault mats from this product line of Landing Mats All Sizes. Foldable mats can be reduced to a smaller size to make them easier to carry. Additionally, you can fold the mats for added thickness during your training.

All of these landing mats are topped with a laminate layer of 1-3/8 inch crosslinked polyethylene foam. By laminating the crosslinked polyethylene foam to the bottom polyurethane layer, you'll receive sturdiness in the mat. There is no loose foam in the covers, which enhances the high level of performance that you'll receive from the mats.

Our mats also feature a bottom layer of custom formulated polyurethane foam. This premium formulation ensures optimal shock absorption and mat performance during years of use, giving your athletes safe landings over and over.

Making Use of Multiple Layers

Crash mats are put through a lot of stress as they're used for training. You need these landing mats to provide a safe landing zone for your athletes. So when you're trying to find the right landing mats for your students, it's important to select products that have the proper construction quality and durability.

Understand that for a crash mat to be most effective, it needs to consist of multiple layers and materials. This type of construction yields the best shock absorbing properties, making these mats more effective.

The mat's construction starts with a high impact foam core, and this foam gives the mat its ability to compress quickly. The compression provides the safe landing zone your athletes need. The foam then takes its original shape, which results in a long-lasting mat that maintains its integrity over thousands of landings.

By using multiple layers in our blue landing mats, we're ensuring that you will receive the perfect combination of cushioning and support.

Vinyl Covers

It's important to select a crash mat that contains a sturdy cover as well. No matter what type of mat you're picking for martial arts, it needs a cover that helps give the student a firm landing area, while also protecting the foam inside the mat.

Our blue landing mats feature an 18-ounce vinyl cover, which is a common material to use with these types of mats. Having a cover with an 18-ounce weight provides great traction for the athletes, while also delivering additional strength to the mats.

Long Lasting Product

These martial arts crash mats are custom made to order by a leading mat manufacturer in the United States, which means you can count on the materials used in the construction process.

Many of our customers choose these blue landing mats for the durability and longevity they offer for a school or studio. Here are some the key components of the practice landing mats that you'll appreciate.

Strong Stitching: The Landing Mats product features a double-stitched top edge and a number 10 YKK molded zipper. You need tough stitching in a mat that athletes will be landing on constantly during a practice session.

Thick Handles: Each mat has 2-inch thick polyester web handles. These allow you to easily carry the landing mats from location to location. And they also feature heavy-duty stitching that attaches the handles to the mats, ensuring they won't tear loose.

Tough Cover: Each of these mats features an 18-ounce vinyl cover with a matted texture that will stand up to rough treatment without tearing or splitting. Additionally, we do not use heat-sealed top seams to connect the vinyl. Instead, we use one piece of vinyl on the tops of the landing mats, which provides better longevity. You don't have to worry about your bare-footed athletes landing on an uncomfortable, thick seam on the top of the mat, either.

Warranty: Each mat contains a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty, which means you can count on the value and longevity you're receiving.

Optional hoop and loop connector strips are available at an additional charge.

We do not recommend using these competitive landing mats outdoors, as they are not waterproof and are not UV stable.

Mat Uses

Before ordering this type of mat, you will want to spend a bit of time thinking about how you plan to use it.

For a mat that needs to provide the maximum shock absorbing capabilities where athletes may be falling from a height, a thicker mat is a smart option. You also can pick a thinner mat that has a folding option to create a thicker landing area when needed. If you're unsure about which thickness level you will be needing, a smart rule of thumb is to pick a mat slightly thicker than what you think you will need. You don't want to end up with a shock absorbing mat that is thinner that your needs.

Durability is another key consideration with cushioned mats. No matter what type of team will be using your mat, you want to receive a good value for your purchase, and for most people, that involves receiving a high level of durability. Choosing a durable mat also gives you a safer mat, as you don't have to worry about the mat failing or tearing as a gymnast or cheerleader lands on it. You can find a high-quality mat that will last by looking for products that have double-stitched seams and multiple layers of foam, for example.

Finally, for some studios and schools, versatility will be the most important aspect of a mat. If you need to use a single mat for multiple purposes, for example, or if you have a studio that caters to students of varying ages, a versatile mat works great. Versatile mats will have mid-thickness levels and should be able to fold.

We make ordering the blue landing mats an easy process for your studio. Please contact our customer service team for answers to any questions you may have, as well as for some advice on picking the best products for your needs.


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In Stock Yes
Product Type Mat
Material Type Vinyl covered Foam
Product Edging Straight
Width 6.00 feet
Length 12.00 feet
SF per Item 72.00
Weight 100.00 lbs
Packaging Bags
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent No
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Interlocking Connections No
Made In USA
Surface Finish Smooth Flat
Surface Design Solid Color
Installation Method Layout Flat
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Limited

Product Questions:

Q: Do you have anything that's 6x12 8'' thick?
A: Here are our 6x12 options for the competition landing mats: 12 cm x 6ft x 12ft Bi-Fold 12 cm x 6ft x 12ft Non-Fold (12 cm equals 4.72 in) We do have a 7.5 ft x 12 ft x 20 cm bi-fold landing mat. (20 cm equals 7.87 in)