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How much does the subsurface matter for outdoor basketball court flooring

Date Published: 11-26 - 2022

Outdoor basketball courts seem to be popping up everywhere from backyards to driveways to city parks. Having the right outdoor court surface can make a world of difference in performance, safety and the fun factor.
Many outdoor courts utilize a modular plastic tile system as these tiles can often be removed and reinstalled as portable court flooring.
In this video, we tested a few of most popular plastic outdoor floor tiles to see how well they perform for dribbling a basketball when installed over different outdoor subsurfaces, such as gravel, concrete and grass. As you can see different styles of tiles work differently over each surface and not all are suitable for basketball play.
The first product we tested was the rigid polyethylene plastic Matrax Light Duty Pedestrian mats. This product clearly performed best for dribbling when installed over concrete. It did have some soft or dead spots for dribbling when installed over both grass and gravel.
The same applied to the flexible PVC plastic Patio Outdoor Tile. Of all the products tested, this was the top performer over concrete and the one of the worst performers over grass.
The third product was the rigid polypropylene Portable Outdoor and Tent Tiles. This the basketball dribble fairly well over both concrete and gravel, but offered very little in the way of bounce for the basketball when installed over grass.
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