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Top FAQs for Outdoor Playground Flooring & Mats

Outdoor playground flooring is set up to provide a comfortable play area for children while also being durable enough to withstand the outdoors. These can serve as swing set mats or slide mats designed for all weather types outdoors. For residential and daycare use, consider our softer plastic units. These are perforated so that water and air can flow through. Outdoor playground mats are rated for falls from 2 to 10 feet, making them suitable for use as home, church, daycare, or playground safety mats.

What Is the Best Outdoor Playground Flooring?

It really depends on the planned use cases. Try to match the selection to the features required. To explore the indoor and outdoor play mats we have, keep the following factors in mind:
  1. What is the tallest piece of playground equipment? (This will help determine the amount of falling protection that is appropriate.)
  2. Are there slides or swings that may require more cushion as a playground slide mat?
  3. Does the area receive a lot of rain? (Certain units have additional perforations for faster drainage.)
  4. What type of installation is preferred? (Depending on the product, installation may be done with a glue-down, partial glue, or pin method.)

What Is the Best Ground Cover for Playgrounds?

Multiple models are appropriate, depending on the expectations for the space. Some outdoor playground flooring ideas include:
  1. Rubberized setups work nicely for protecting from falls while yielding excellent durability and traction
  2. Faux playground turf yields desirable aesthetics, staying green year-round as maintenance-free artificial grass
  3. Plastics often have perforations to draw away rainwater

Can Rubber Mats Be Used Outside?

Yes. They do not suffer breakdowns in harsh weather or widely varying temperatures. They do not require much work in the way of maintenance. Our outdoor safety mats for playgrounds offer many advantages, including:
  1. Protective fall heights from 2 to 10 feet ensure a kid-safe play space and help reduce potential injuries
  2. Durable, high-quality products can withstand the elements, severe temperatures, and UV light
  3. They stay in place rather than shifting about or potentially concealing dangerous objects like glass, as loose fill can do
  4. A variety of design options and colors give plenty of customization to create the exact type of appearance desired in the playground area
  5. A playground safety mat allows rain to drain through, helping to avoid standing rainwater and providing an important protective measure
  6. Yields a simple installation as an outdoor playground flooring DIY job that saves time
  7. Low maintenance and easy to care for, as many can be cleaned with a broom or garden hose to save time and upkeep costs
  8. After one is worn or damaged, replace just that single unit rather than needing to replace the entire section of outdoor playground flooring

What Do You Put on the Ground for Playground Matting?

A rubber playground surface for residential and commercial layouts is a strong choice. It resists problems with the weather while creating lasting surfaces that stand up to repeated foot traffic and kids running on them. These serve as commercial playground rubber mats and work better than playground rubber mulch, which can wash away or that kids can carry away.

What Is the Best Material to Put Under Swing Sets?

Playground swing mats will protect the soil from the formation of deep ruts as children drag their shoes. Rubber playground tiles and outdoor playground mats for under swings can protect these areas perfectly, withstanding constant friction from the dragging shoes of children.

What Are Smart Choices for Outdoor Playground Flooring Options for Safety?

Most of our rubberized units are highly durable but deliver excellent shock absorption as a slide landing mat too. These are made from recycled tires and are, therefore, very economically friendly. These are manufactured in the United States and give critical protection if falling from up to 10 feet.

Alternatively, we offer these manufactured from a soft and flexible, yet long-lasting, PVC material. These have fall protection for shorter heights.

Outdoor playground mats allow water to drain freely, which keeps moisture from puddling on the surface of the school playground mats. Sometimes, a rubber surface is also grooved to allow for additional drainage. PVC interlocking playground mats are generally perforated and feature a raised base for enhanced drainage.

If you are searching for outdoor floor padding that maximizes drainage, consider our Perforated StayLock Tiles. These are waterproof and non-slip, as rainwater will quickly drain, so don’t worry about dealing with standing water on them. Additionally, these are ASTM fall height-rated safety surfaces up to 20 inches. An active connector system makes for a quick and easy DIY installation.

Our Ergo Matta also does a great job of keeping surfaces dry and safe. These are constructed from recycled materials. With a 20-inch ASTM, these have stability underfoot. They are available in brilliant colors and with optional border ramps. With their interlocking design, installations are fast and easy.

Some of our cheap outdoor playground flooring tiles are designed with ADA ramps available that are great for wheelchair access. This is especially helpful for thicker outdoor playground flooring, as some of our rubber safety mats are as thick as 5 inches, necessitating a ramp.

Where Can I Find Outdoor Rubber Flooring?

Outdoor playground mats from Greatmats are an excellent way to add cushion. Unlike things like wood chips, sand, or rubbery crumbs, these hold their place without the need for regular maintenance.

All of our outdoor padded mat selections have a rating with ATSM. Measure the distance from the highest platform that kids will be standing on to the ground. This number is the desired fall rating that the outdoor playground flooring should have.

Because this is not a loose-fill product, foreign objects such as broken glass and nails cannot hide. Unlike poured-in-place products, these will not crack over time.

These are found in a variety of thicknesses and styles, including interlocking, pin-together, or gluing options.

Our Blue Sky is a popular option for playgrounds located in the South or the East. These are incredibly comfortable underfoot, with high levels of traction when wet or dry. These will not attract mold or mildew, and they won't attract or harbor any insects.

Additionally, consider our Max Tile. Available in various thicknesses and color concentrations, it has 6-foot ratings for falls. It'll let moisture drain. It can be installed using a variety of methods. With superior UV fade resistance, this is backed by a 15-year warranty.

How Do I Care for Outdoor Playground Mats?

Ours can withstand the challenges of installing outdoors. Our products are designed to have long, useful lifespans.

Cleaning outdoor playground flooring is simple. Most of it can be broom-swept or hosed off.

In most cases, a solid subsurface is required for installation. We typically recommend concrete, although a crushed and compacted stone base will usually suffice. These rarely go over softer sand, dirt, or grass.