5 Best Outdoor Playground Flooring Tiles

By Paige Cerulli Created: July, 2017 - Modified: February, 2024

Playgrounds should be a carefree, tear-free place to play, but a hard fall on unforgiving flooring can change a good day to a bad one. At home and school playgrounds, accidents are bound to happen. Although accidents cannot be entirely prevented, serious injuries from them can be significantly reduced.

Playground tiles play a big role in protecting your kiddos from getting seriously banged up on the playground. Outdoor playground flooring goes a long way in providing fall protection and can be the difference between a little bump and a medical emergency. A flooring with a slightly soft, shock-absorbing design can add just enough cushion to a playground surface and can be a great investment in your child’s safety.

Although safety is a top priority, there are other factors to be considered in choosing playground tiles. Price, ease of the installation process, style/color, and versatility all play a role in choosing playground tiles cheap. Greatmats chose the best five outdoor playground flooring options, highlighting each of those categories to help guide you in choosing the optimal playground tiles for your needs. Although each of the following products features numerous qualities that make them awesome for playgrounds, each one is categorized by the feature they are best known for.

5 Best Outdoor Playground Flooring Tiles

1. StayLock Tile Perforated - Ideal for Home Installations

best outdoor playground tiles for home

The StayLock Tile Perforated is made from recycled PVC plastic, making it eco-friendly for your playground. The tile features a 20-inch ASTM fall height rating to help prevent injuries and keep kids safe. The perforations quickly drain water away, and the non-slip texture helps to prevent falls.

These tiles feature an interlock connecting system that holds them securely together, so they won’t separate while in use. They can be installed on top of slightly uneven surfaces, and connecting them is as simple as pressing the nubs on one edge down onto the loops on another edge. The tiles can be installed on top of rubber roof membranes, and their simple and easy installation makes them ideal for home use.

Maintaining the tiles is simple. You can clean them with vinegar, baking soda, and hot water as needed. The tiles are backed by a one-year limited manufacturer warranty, so they’re a durable addition to your backyard playground.

2. Sterling Playground Tile - 5 inch - Excellent Fall Protection

best fall rated playground tiles

Sterling Playground Tile (5 Inches) features the best fall height rating Greatmats has to offer. Tiles have been given a 10-foot fall height rating by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Further, these playground tiles provide Head Injury Criteria (HIC) ratings under 570. In other words, these tiles provide supreme protection from falls.

Such protection comes from the shock absorbers engineered into the underside of the tile and the 5-inch thickness of each tile. The top-quality construction and design of the tile give it the durability, toughness, and safety to make it one of the best rubber playground tiles on the market. The long-lasting material itself is made from 100 percent recycled rubber and may qualify for LEED building points. The surface of the tiles is vandal-resistant, and these thick tiles will hold up in any tough environment.

3. Blue Sky Interlocking Tile - 2.25 Inch - Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

outdoor interlock playground surface

For hassle-free installation and maintenance, choose Blue Sky Interlocking Tile. These recycled rubber playground tiles have a universal interlocking system to make connecting tiles by hand as easy as pie. Install tiles over a variety of subsurfaces, from concrete to dirt. Unlike many other outdoor supposedly cheap playground flooring, Blue Sky Playground Tile doesn't require expensive contractors or specialized equipment for a long-lasting, sturdy installation.

Once tiles are in place, merely use a broom, hose, or leaf blower to keep the tiles clean. Otherwise, tiles are virtually maintenance-free. Blue Sky Playground Tiles are extremely long-lasting, unlike mulch and gravel which need frequent replacing and upkeep. They will not be affected by extreme temperatures, hot or cold. If any tiles become damaged and need replacing, it's simple and cheap to do so. Interlocking outdoor playground flooring is water permeable, so water can drain right through tiles and will not stand on the surface and form puddles.

4. Max Playground Tile - 2.25 Inch - Brilliant Color Options

best outdoor playground tiles for safety

Max Playground Rubber Tile Daybright (2.5 Inch Colors) are the most fun and vibrant playground tiles out there. Choose from 11 brilliant colors to create an inviting and stimulating playground area. These rubber playground tiles have premium color pigments that won't fade. Pick one solid color, or choose multiple colors and design your very own flooring pattern.

Tiles are 2 x 2 feet and 2.5 inches thick. They feature a 6-foot fall height rating from the ATSM, so they provide protection underneath the playground equipment. With industry-strength recycled rubber materials, these fall-rated playground tiles have a lengthy life span. Max tiles have straight edges, so a glue-down installation is recommended.

5. StrongPlay Playground Tiles - Versatility

outdoor playground tiles for school

If you are looking to install outdoor flooring in an area intended for uses beyond just the playground, StrongPlay Playground Tiles is a prime choice. These are some of the most versatile outdoor flooring tiles. These feature a 4-foot fall height rating, but when paired with the StrongPlay Foam Pads, they can have up to a 10-foot fall height rating.

StrongPlay rubber playground tiles are available in black, green, blue, grey, brown, and red. Tiles are connected with dowel pins and adhesive. Once installed, they provide a safe, non-slip surface.

Discover the Best Outdoor Playground Flooring at Greatmats

Still have questions? Want more information on products? Check out all of Greatmats' outdoor playground flooring for a full scope of options for home, school, park, and commercial play areas. From rubber pavers to fall-rated playground tiles, we offer a comprehensive selection of flooring options.

Although Greatmats' pricing is competitive, you won't receive inferior, cheap outdoor playground flooring. If you need any type of assistance, Greatmats customer service is here to help you find the best product for your playground.