Kerul Kassels Greatmats Story - Sundance Horse Mat Kits

03-03 - 2023

Kerul Kassle from First Nature Ranch shares her experience with purchasing a number of Sundance Horse Mats Kits. She is using these mats in a few different areas around her ranch.

She uses a set at a gate entrance that see a lot of traffic from tractors, gators and horses every day. She is pleased with how they have held up.

Another set of mats is being used at another gate entrance where her horse draft horse was digging up the gravel. The mats have done a great job of keeping that area in great shape.

Kerul's horse, Max, get a set of the rubber Sundance mats as well! He has a tendency to dig up the soil while he eats, so these mats have helped prevent erosion in that area.

The buying experience was very positive for Kerul and she plans to purchase more rubber horse mats!

This is the Sundance 12x12 Stall Mat Kit that she purchased;

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