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The discount gymnastics mats we offer outperform cheap mats from other manufacturers, such as cheap gym mats found at Walmart and other box stores. The vinyl cover on our folding gymnastic padding is constructed to stand up to regular usage and maintain a like-new look and feel.

Our gymnastics floor mats outperform rubber flooring in an athletic studio when an athlete needs safety against falls and bruises. Our affordable gymnastic mat choices are in stock and ready to ship the next day.

Our thick gymnastics mats are competitively priced, whether they’re for stretching, cheerleading, yoga, or stunting. We have interlocking tiles for any budget and facility. We offer plenty of colors too to mesh with the existing décor.

Kids Gymnastics Mat for Home

Durability is a key component in gymnastic floor mats. Our cushioned gymnastic mat products have double stitching in the seams. The exteriors are extremely tough, similar to what would be expected from a material such as PU leather.

The interior of the thick gym mats is trustworthy too, enhancing the value with a polyethylene core. This core has a shock absorbing capability that's ideal for athletes in a commercial or residential gymnasium as a landing mat. It is a perfect landing spot to keep an athlete injury free and healthy.

Unlike cheap tumbling mats, all of our EVA foam is protected with an 18 ounce, 6P compliant vinyl. These are free from phthalates and lead, ensuring they're safe for students to use.

To learn more about the safe construction methods we use, watch the Folding Panel Mats Features and Benefits 4x8x2 Video.

The measurement options for these gymnastics tumbling mats are 1.5 and 2 inches in thickness and 4-by-8 and 5-by-10 feet in coverage area.

For a larger coverage result, look for a fitness mat with hook and loop connector strips. Use them to securely fasten gymnastic mat pieces together to create a long run or extra padding for numerous kids to use simultaneously. Some even have carrying handles.

Nearly everything is in stock at our Wisconsin warehouse. We will make a quick delivery anywhere in the United States.

Gymnastics Mats

We specialize in providing customized order tumble mats. For a training facility or a scholastic team that requires specific sizes, shapes, or colors of tumble mat models, we can deliver.

Our cheap gymnastics mats have competitive prices too. Trust the quality of our school gym mats, which are built using Made in the USA materials.

Versus foam tile, our mats gymnastic students will use always carry high levels of cushioning that reduce the stress of landings.

Our gymnastic mat deliveries outdo 10 foot gymnastics mat cheap product options from other makers, as well as gym mats Amazon offers. They also outperform used gymnastics mats for sale.

They perform nicely for many kinds of exercises. People may use them as a yoga mat, for example.

However, to find something to protect the subfloor from weighty exercise equipment, we’d suggest rubber tiles, rubber matting, or rubber gym mats cheap prices for the maximum protection. The softness of the traditional gymnastic mat isn’t ideal for supporting heavy items like treadmills or weight machines.

All of our mat for gymnastics product items include loop and hook connector pieces of 2 inches in width. This allows for connecting them along the side or end.

Some of them have strips on two sides, while certain makes are sewn with strips on all four sides. This yields plenty of choices for laying them out for just the right coverage space.

Folding Gym Mats

After practice is over in the house or at the studio, our foldup matting gear collapses to a small size for storage. With the tough covering, they will last a long time.

Certain techniques require octagon shaped gear. Greatmats sells these with desirable build tolerances and price points. They function especially well with youngsters and novices. Teachers will use them for walkovers, back handsprings, and forward rolls.

Cheer teams appreciate them, too, for skill building, especially those involving flexibility work. We carry multiple sizes for successful uses for both older and younger athletes.

Our octagons have a cover that outlasts others. Additionally, the octagons use an impressive polyurethane on the interior, which maintains its eight-sided shape, even when used regularly.

Incline mats, also called cheese, offer a helpful tool for trainers to use. Every age and experience level can benefit from them to perform skill development.

They excel in delivering uphill vaulting and transition training for bars. Or use them for basic conditioning and development for tumblers and gymnasts. Larger units can also function as spotting tables. For certain skills, pair wedges with octagons for the maximum benefit.

Mat Thick Measurement Choices

When trying to select the correct level of thickness measurement, remember that thin units are ideal for developing techniques. Thicker units, measuring up to 12 inches, will provide optimum shock absorption.

Count on Greatmats to carry a wide selection of competition dismount matting to fit any studio. Choose from different sizes, thicknesses, colors, and connectors.

Competition gymnastic mat landers are built to withstand intense use and rigorous demands. They have a double stitched surface and a reliable number 10 YKK molded zipper. They provide plenty of cushion on dismounts.

Padding in landers comes in both foldable and non-foldable styles in either 12- or 20-centimeter thicknesses.

They feature a heavy duty zipper that's durable. Our safety cushions are available in multiple depth measurements.

The 8 inch model is nice for tumblers who need to land with a sure footing. The 12 inch unit is suitable for high impact activities. Both have double stitches on the surface for long lasting performance. They will not split under pressure. They deliver superior absorption for the shock of landing.

Our Fluffy Denims yield outstanding protection for joints from hard landings. This softness is necessary for impact fitness activities. The 12 inch design is created specifically for skills development actions where athletes land on their backs or stomachs.

These fluffy pillow-like cushions have a denim cover. It helps to take the sting out of a dismount, increasing comfort. They work for bars and vault as well.

What are gym mats?
This style of pad is highly cushioned and designed to help gymnasts land safely during tumbles, dismounts, and vaults. Others will roll up for storage, using a thinner design that maintains great rebound properties for cheerleading or floors for gymnasium and exercising use. View the blog on Gymnastics Pads Top 10 Uses.

How much are gymnastics mats for home?
It depends quite a bit on the quality of the product. We sell Made in America pads. These have the highest levels of craftsmanship, making them a better choice than most exercise mats Walmart delivers. Even if our gymnastic wedge mat prices are a little higher initially, the value they deliver over time will more than make up for any cost difference at the time of purchase.

What are tumbling mats for home gym best used for?
Cheerleading tumblers will appreciate them for practicing cartwheels, walkovers, and backflips. But they have multiple additional use cases too. They are great for workouts at a residence for martial arts and wrestling, creating a cushioned area. Theater companies will use them for safe landings in a scene where a fall from height is required. Ours have a lightweight design that delivers the maximum protecting features, while being easy to store and move.

What are the best workout exercise mats?
For workouts in a basement, a gymnastic mat works nicely for cushioning and comfort. With the right level of cushion, customers receive some anti fatigue properties, allowing for longer exercising sessions versus simple floor tiles. Thinner measurements in this style of floors may work for yoga as well.

Top 5 Benefits of Gym Mats
  1. The foldable pad will provide increased safety.
  2. Durable construction will withstand years of use.
  3. Cushioning within the tumbling mat assists with developing skills.
  4. Quickly convert an indoor area into a practice space.
  5. Gymnasts gain confidence and learn how to perform actions correctly and effectively.

View our blog on The Top 5 Gymnastics Pad Selections on a Budget.