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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You

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Introducing Play Ball Artificial Grass Turf How much does it cost to get artificial turf?
A well-maintained astro turf lawn or athletic field is a luxury Greatmats can provide. Live grass requires major financial and time investments in order to keep it in tip top shape, and even then it's only suitable for limited activities and conditions.

Maintaining a yard, sports field, or lush landscaped area requires extensive maintenance when traditional grass is used. With GrassTex turf from Greatmats, there's no more mowing, weeding, or fertilizing to worry about. In high-traffic areas, there will be no thinning, mud or divots. After an athletic event, you can walk away knowing maintenance will be minimal, even during excessively rainy or drought-ridden summers.

Synthetic athletic and pet turf rolls virtually eliminate the time and cost of maintenance. At the same time, these options offer a realistic looking faux grass that is versatile and lasts for years.

Wondering if man-made turf is the right choice? Consider these benefits.
- Maintenance free look and feel of real grass
- Zero wait time - No seeding, watering and keeping off the grass
- Easy Installation - Even in areas inhospitable to real grass
- Superior water drainage
- Comfortable under bare feet
- Durable enough for shoes and equipment
- Maintains fresh appearance all year

Synthetic grass rolls are ideal for:
- Decks and Patios
- Terraces and Balconies
- Pool surrounds
- Golf courses
- Pet Areas
- Indoor and Outdoor Athletic Facilities
- Kids Play areas
- DIY Home or Commercial Areas

Artificial Grass Rolls
When you're working on a large project, synthetic grass rolls are a practical choice. These turf rolls cover large areas in a hurry leaving very few seams. Many faux turf rolls can be used for outdoor installations, and are virtually maintenance-free, saving you both upkeep costs and time.

Our faux turf itself is highly durable, and many are made to withstand both indoor and outdoor use. These grass rolls are resistant to fading, staining and tearing.

If you're a golfer, our Money Putt Artificial Grass Turf Roll is very popular. The 15-foot wide roll creates an ideal putting surface with no infill required. Installation is simple and cost-effective in both indoor and outdoor golfing areas.

Our Play Time Artificial Grass Turf Roll is a versatile option for kid areas. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the grass roll has a plush body with a natural look and feel. The turf is sold by the foot in 15-foot wide rolls, allowing you to buy exactly the amount you need. Consider this playground turf for home or public playgrounds as well as for trade show display booths.

Want a different color than green? Take a gander at our Bermuda Artificial Grass Turf. This unique turf surface is available in seven different colors, giving you plenty of options. Highly durable, this turf is suitable for indoor baseball practice and games and without the need for infill. Also consider this turf for track and field, trade shows, agility training, soccer and other specialty sports.

Choosing The Right Turf Rolls
Consider the following factors as you narrow down your options:
What type of activity will it be used for?
Where will it be installed?
How big of an area will you need to cover?
Is the existing surface flat or uneven?
How heavy will the traffic be on your turf?
What type of subsurface will you be installing the turf on?
Who will be installing your artificial grass?