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When seeking to cover a large space with flooring that presents good value and long-lasting performance, rubber gym flooring rolls from Greatmats are the best choice.

Our rolls deliver a classic format for rubber flooring, as a roll is an efficient means of delivering and installing floors. As long as you have the equipment on hand to handle the weight of the rubber gym flooring rolls, this format allows the installation process to go quickly.

Size and Shape Options

Most of our rolls ship with a standard 4 feet of width. Customers can then order the length of roll they need. We also offer rolls cut to a specific length, such as 25 feet or 50 feet.

Most customers will lay segments of the rubber rolls side by side to provide full coverage for the width of the room. This means you need to occasionally cut the roll across its width.

In a room with a length of 10 feet and a width of 12 feet, you would cut the roll at 10 feet to create a new segment. Then lay the next 4-foot wide segment adjacent to the first segment and cut it again at 10 feet in length. Continue following this technique across the entire width of the room.

Thinner rolls of rubber will be easier to cut than thicker rolls. These tiles have various thickness options available, including 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 8 mm (or about 5/16 inch).

Material Options

Our rubber gym floor rolls typically consist of recycled rubber. Using old tires to create our rolls of flooring results in a cheap sheet of rubber that still has excellent durability and performance.

Rather than sending the tires to the landfill, where they won’t degrade for several decades, the process of turning them into flooring gives the rubber tires a new life.

Additionally, by using recycled rubber in the floors, your building may qualify for LEED points.

Even though we use recycled rubber in these rolls, they provide nearly all the same benefits as virgin, or new, rubber. They have excellent durability and are safe to use around children and pets, even when they are crawling on the rubber flooring.

Pattern and Texture Options

The majority of these rubber gym flooring rolls are only available in a solid black color. However, we also offer some rolls that have a black base color with color flecks embedded into the black. The colors of each fleck can include:
  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green

We also have a few rolls that have a primary base color like beige with black fleck colors mixed in.

Most of our rolls do not have any textured patterns added to the surface of the rubber, such as grooves or tread patterns. Because this type of rubber naturally provides traction for people walking on it or doing workouts, it’s not always necessary to add textured patterns to the rolls.

Common Use Options

Most of our customers make use of these rubber gym flooring rolls in areas where people will be doing workouts. Whether looking to create a space with great slip resistance for plyometric workouts or seeking to protect the subfloor from dropped hand weights and small barbells, rubber is a strong choice.

Aerobic workouts on rubber floors also work well in a home gym or commercial gymnasium. The gym rubber roll provides a little bit of cushioning to protect the leg and hip joints of the athlete while delivering slip resistance.

Rubber maintains its slip resistance even when some moisture is present.

Dog daycare facilities and dog agility areas can also make use of these rubber rolls to cover quite a bit of space quickly. The moisture- and slip-resistance make it ideal for traction and for cleaning up any accidents.

Installation Options

Rolled rubber gym flooring is heavy, so customers need multiple people or power equipment available to move the rolls around. A roll measuring 4x25 feet could weigh anywhere from 150 to 250 pounds.

Once the roll is in place, just roll it out across the room. Cut it with a utility knife when reaching a wall or to fit the desired space.

Installing these rolls typically requires a glue-down installation. This results in a permanent layout that you cannot easily remove later.

If you prefer removable flooring, dry-lay installations are common. Check with our knowledgeable rubber flooring experts to see if dry-lay installations are suitable for your use type.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

To clean this rubber floor, start by removing dry debris and dust with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. This should be done a couple of times a week for an average amount of foot traffic.

To thoroughly clean the surface of the rubber and remove dirt, customers can make use of a neutral pH cleaner mixed with warm water. After mopping the floor, allow it to dry over a period of a few hours. To speed up the drying process, you can use floor fans.