Rubber Gym Flooring at Get Yourself Moving, New Brighton, Minn.

11-15 - 2019

John Fisher is the owner of Get Yourself Moving in New Brighton, Minnesota.
This private personal training facility concentrates heavily on training clients on proper mobility, strength training and conditioning.
The contractor John used to help build the gym recommended Greatmats.
He likes the rubber flooring, especially with the blue specs in it because it went along with the blue logo model.
They were concerned with having the most durable mat on the market because of how rugged and rough they can be with the gym equipment and wanted to make sure that it would hold up and last the test of time.
When they're doing strength training and doing a lot of heavy lifts, including deadlifts, the weights hit the floor with a considerable amount of force.
John and his partner installed it themselves. It was very easy to install and overall, the cleaning aspect is very simple. They just vacuum with a normal vacuum and mop with a normal mop and it cleans up really well.
"It really is a great mat," he said.