Guide to Putting Decking on a Flat Roof

By Greatmats Staff Created: March, 2019 - Modified: December, 2022

If you’ve got a flat roof and and you’ve been thinking that the view from your roof is amazing. It’s a shame you can’t spend more time up there. You may just be in luck.

Many before you have asked the question, “” - and the answer is yes. That is assuming that your roof is strong enough to support support the weight.

You’ll want to start with consulting a local contractor to make sure the surface is fit for decking. Then once you have it ready for rooftop decking, visit and browse its’ selection of rooftop deck tiles. Many of these tiles are even designed to accommodate rubber roofing membranes.

Flat roof deck flooring comes in many different materials which each offer their own unique benefits.

Rubber Flat Roof Deck Flooring

Rubber rooftop decking tiles offer the greatest durability and the best warranties. These floating rooftop deck flooring products are one of the heaviest options - aside from concrete. But, due to their convenient sizing, that’s rarely an issue for installation. The weight also helps keep the tiles in place during strong winds. Rubber flat roof deck flooring is also very slip resistant and at 2 inches or greater thickness offer much better cushion than concrete in case someone would happen to trip and fall while on your deck. If you want a somewhat cushioning deck floor on a flat rooftop that will hold up well to heavy furniture, rubber is your best option.

Plastic Flat Roof Deck Flooring

For smaller flat rooftop decks with lighter furniture, plastic decking tiles are a great DIY rooftop deck flooring option. The tiles offer more cushion than concrete and even rubber decking and they’re easy to install yourself by just snapping the tiles together and cutting to fit with either a power saw or a sharp utility knife. Plastic flat roof deck flooring tiles will have a perforated surface for drainage.

Artificial Turf Flat Roof Deck Flooring

Another option for a more natural look is artificial turf for rooftops. Turf creates a great-looking space without the hassle of maintaining real grass. There is a variety of turf pile heights to create the look and feel that you want on your rooftop. Turf can be used to create a rooftop putting green or playground. However, artificial turf rolls are heavy and will take multiple people to carry up.

We also carry a drainage tile commonly used for rooftop turf installations.

Again Yes! - You can put decking on a flat roof - if it’s prepared properly to handle the weight.
Can you put plastic decking on a flat roof