What Is The Best Pool Decking For Over Concrete?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: July, 2020 - Modified: February, 2021

Having an in ground or above ground pool is such a fun addition to any home or commercial setting. Hours of fun can be had splashing around and swimming the day away. There are many things to consider when planning for a pool, from the size and placement of the pool to the pool decking. 

Choosing a pool decking product that provides a safe and attractive surrounding surface - one that is cost effective without the potential of constant repair and resurfacing - will make the entire pool experience a more positive one.

Greatmats offers products that work well as pool decking over concrete. If you have ideas for a pool design and are ready to build or update, Greatmats has the best pool decking options available to bring those ideas to fruition. 

PVC Outdoor Tiles for Pool Deck

Patio Outdoor Tile is a great pool decking option that is made from PVC material with a non slip surface texture that is fast, easy and affordable to install. It features a fast drying surface that is very comfortable on the feet. These tiles are 1x1 foot with an interlocking design that allows for water drainage. The quick drainage prevents the growth of mold and mildew, and the top remains consistently dry. This product provides superior quality and safety features when used as pool decking.


Outdoor PVC Pool Deck Tiles

StayLock Perforated Tiles provide a layer of safety and durability, as well - with a touch more comfort and fall protection. These tiles are designed to allow for premium drainage in an outdoor deck, pool, or patio setting. 

They are 9/16 inch thick and are made from super durable PVC plastic material. This provides anti-fatigue benefits and helps to maintain traction and comfort - even when walking or standing on the tile with bare feet or when the surface is wet. These tiles are connected with a loop-and-tab system that creates a floating floor which will not loosen or separate. They are made in the USA, come in a variety of colors, are waterproof, and are UV stable for at least 7 years. StayLock tiles come with a 5-year limited warranty. If you want high quality at an affordable price, these are a great pool decking option!


Wet Area Non Slip Pool Decking

A product that performs extremely well as pool decking is the Life Floor Wet Tile. This ⅜ inch thick product is commercial water park and splash pad rated, and it meets NSF safety standards for wet surfaces. It is also ASTM fall height rated (1 foot), anti microbial, and UV resistant to always look great in the sun. This is a non slip safe and soft flooring option that comes with a 5 year warranty. 

The ripple surface texture provides superior traction, making this indoor and outdoor foam tile a great solution for a pool deck or any wet area such as a locker room, shower area, or any place a safe flooring solution is needed. If you’re concerned that your decking will be too hot during mid summer months, this is your best solution. This outdoor flooring option provides footing that is cooler to the touch in hot temperatures and indirect sunlight. The temperature stable tiles cool down quickly when stepped on! 
This pool decking is also often used in public pools and other shared wet areas, because it is anti-microbial and non-toxic. 


SoftFlex Floor Tiles for Pool Concrete

Softflex Floor Tile is an indoor pool decking option that is another excellent choice. This soft PVC flooring is made in the USA with a unique texture designed for both safety and comfort. It allows for flow-through of water, with its raised design, also allowing for air flow beneath for more thorough drying. It is simple to install without adhesive, resulting in a waterproof, slip-resistant, antimicrobial floor. It is available in numerous colors and provides anti-fatigue benefits, as well.


Life Floor Soft Pool Decking Tiles

Finally, the ⅞ Inch Life Floor Ripple Tiles are another pool decking flooring solution that reduces slips and falls in wet areas. This UV stable, bluebird color features a 5 year warranty and a super grip, ripple surface texture. 

This soft pool decking boasts an easy, permanent installation, and it works well for hot or cold climates. It has a 4 foot ASTM fall height rating, and it is non-toxic and anti-microbial, making it perfect for commercial shared wet area environments such as swimming pool decks - as well as locker rooms, showers, or where a safer flooring solution is needed. This is a great pool decking option on super hot days, as it is cooler to the touch in warm temperatures and indirect sunlight. Like the Life Floor Wet Tiles, this surface will cool down when stepped on. 

Concrete or asphalt pool decks are unforgiving and produce temperature extremes based on the surrounding environment.


Greatmats for your pool decking flooring solutions!

Choosing the best pool decking material doesn’t need to be complicated or worrisome. Greatmats has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help you decide which option will best suit your needs and preferences. There are many options that are slip-resistant, low maintenance, comfortable, and safe that will look nice and provide years of quality flooring for your pool deck. Choosing the appropriate and best solution for your pool area is essential to creating the best environment for everyone’s enjoyment, and Greatmats will help you do just that. 
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