Your swimming pool deck plays an important role not only in your pool aesthetics but also in the safety and enjoyment of everyone using the pool. The surface of your pool deck needs to be soft and comfortable against bare feet, waterproof, and able to drain away water – but many pool deck surfaces, like concrete, don’t offer these properties. That doesn’t mean you have to replace your pool deck. Instead, laying pool deck tiles over the surface will save you money while letting you choose the perfect surface for safety and comfort.

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Benefits of Pool Deck Tiles

Pool deck tiles offer many benefits. They’re available at an affordable cost and are designed to maximize safety while being easy to clean. Most of Greatmats' tiles have textured surfaces that maximize traction while still being cool and comfortable under bare feet, whereas concrete can get too hot to tolerate. Many tiles also offer some fall height protection which can help to minimize injuries in case someone does slip and fall.

Many pool deck tiles are perforated, allowing water to quickly drain through them so you don’t have to worry about hazardous standing water on your pool deck. They’re often easy to install, and some tiles allow for a temporary DIY installation so you can remove them or add to them as needed. Interlocking tiles are easy to work with and, if a tile is worn or damaged, you can replace the one tile without having to replace a large section of your pool surround.

Pool deck tiles are an easy and affordable way to make your pool deck safer without having to invest in a professional installation. They can revitalize a worn deck surface, and since they’re available in many different colors, you can choose the look that you want for your pool. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as recreational and commercial applications, these tiles are a practical way to get the exact type of pool surround surface that you want and need.

Benefits of Pool Mats

Pool deck mats are slip resistant and easy to move. Pool mats are available in a variety of sizes. They can provide slip resistance in high-traffic areas without needing to redo the entire deck area. Most of these mats are perforated to allow water to drain through. They are also commonly used in locker rooms and shower areas. Mats are also easy to remove and store in the winter months when the pool is not being used.

Pool Deck Flooring Uses

You’ll find pool deck tiles and flooring available in many different designs, each offering slightly different benefits. With products suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and permanent and temporary installation, you’re sure to find a pool deck tile that’s just right for your home or commercial pool surround.

Residential Pool Deck Flooring

grey pvc tiles installed at house around outdoor in-ground pool

One of the most affordable options available, the Patio Outdoor Tile is a safe wet area drainage tile suitable for use on pool surrounds. The tile is made of flexible PVC and features a non-slip texture that’s still comfortable against your feet. Each tile features interlocking tab and loop connectors, so installing the tiles is fast and easy. The tile perforations keep the top surface dry while quickly draining away water, which helps to prevent mold and mildew growth. Pegs on the tile undersides hold them securely in place. There’s no need for additional tools for installation, and you can dry lay the tiles right on top of your existing pool deck. Removing them is also easy, and the tiles weigh just one pound each so they’re easy to carry.

The StayLock Tiles Perforated are versatile, economically priced tiles suitable for wet areas like pool surrounds. They feature an active locking connector system for easy installation, and you can remove the tiles again in the future if needed. They’re available in assorted colors including blue and green. These tiles feature perforations that let water and air run right through and beneath them for faster drying. This design also prevents standing water from accumulating on your pool deck surface. With a 20-inch ASTM fall height rating, these tiles help to maximize safety.

Commercial Pool Deck Flooring

blue pool mat installed around indoor pool at hotel

Herontile is an ideal choice for indoor commercial pool areas at community centers and hotels. These interlocking PVC tiles are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which makes them a popular choice for changing rooms. These tiles have a unique feature: they can roll up for easy cleaning underneath.

At the premium end of the spectrum, you’ll find the LonDeck Sol Vinyl Rolls. This sheet vinyl offers everything you could want in a commercial pool area flooring. This product has Cool Touch technology which is designed to reflect the sun and decrease the surface temperature, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. They feature a leather-like surface texture to maximize traction and help prevent slips and falls.

Aquatic mats can be used at waterparks to help prevent slips and falls in high-traffic areas such as entrance and exit areas of waterslides, hot tubs, and pools. Some mats also provide anti-fatigue benefits for employees that are standing for long hours. Consider Heronrib Wet Area Matting for outdoor use and 3M Safety-Walk 3200 Matting for indoor use.

Pool deck tile buyers guide

When you’re ready to buy new pool deck tiles and pavers, you’ll find plenty of options right here at Greatmats. With tiles for a variety of price points and applications, you should be able to find the product that’s just right for your project. Our buying guide provides additional information on the best tiles for different pool surround projects, and they include product recommendations, installation tips, and more. If you need additional help, you can always call the Greatmats customer service team. Our flooring experts would be happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the right product for your needs.