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Why Use Padding Under Playground Turf?

By Paige Cerulli Created: February, 2024

Artificial turf can add an appealing, natural aesthetic to playgrounds. As you explore turf options, you’ll find that playground turf padding is a popular choice. This padded turf offers several benefits that can make it a worthwhile investment in your playground.

What is Playground Turf Padding?


Playground turf padding refers to a thick foam layer secured to the underside of artificial turf. The padding can’t be seen once the turf is installed.

The Benefits of Playground Turf Padding

Playground padding serves several purposes and is an important addition for considering a turf product.


Adding a turf pad to your playground surface creates a more comfortable feel. The foam base layer adds a little extra cushion to the turf.

The result is an artificial turf that feels more natural and inviting. Kids can comfortably run on the flooring, and adults supervising the children will welcome the extra comfort from the turf.

Impact Absorption

Turf padding also provides important impact absorption. While artificial turf can slightly cushion a fall, adding a pad can increase its shock absorption in the chance of a fall. That impact absorption can also help minimize the impact on joints when kids jump off playground equipment.

Many playground turf padding products even feature ASTM fall height safety ratings. These ratings indicate that the product has been proven to minimize injuries when a child falls from a certain height. It’s important to choose playground flooring with an ASTM rating equal to or greater than the highest piece of equipment on your playground.


With extra cushion and shock absorption, padded turf adds safety to playgrounds. It may help to prevent injuries if kids trip or fall, and can soften the impact when kids run or jump off equipment. Investing in a quality flooring product can make your playground safer. As a result, you may choose padded playground turf for your backyard or commercial playground.


Artificial turf alone isn’t always a suitable option for playground flooring. While turf offers some shock absorption, that shock absorption is minimal, even when paired with an infill.

Choosing turf with padding makes the flooring ideal and suitable for playground use. Padding allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of turf for your playground, including its eye-catching color, pleasing aesthetic, and minimal maintenance needs.

Top Playground Turf Padding Products

At Greatmats, we have a fantastic selection of playground turf products, including several options that incorporate padding. These products are suitable for home or commercial use.

Play Time Playground Green 1-¼ Inch Turf with 2.25 Inch Pad

padded turf for playground

The Play Time Playground Green turf is paired with a 2.25-inch foam pad, ensuring plenty of shock absorption and comfort for your playground. It features a 9-foot fall height rating, it can add safety to playgrounds even with higher equipment installed.

This flooring is durable, too. It’s dual-layered with a woven polypropylene with a SilverBack polyurethane coating. The long yarn measures 1.25 in thickness, it adds a realistic, plush body and natural look that’s safer and resilient, too.

Additionally, the turf is equipped with ChargeGuard, which helps reduce static discharge. It’s built into the blades of the grass, making them resistant to static buildup and helping to prevent static shocks.

This turf roll is available in 15-foot-wide sections that can be custom-cut to your needs. The wider sections can quickly cover larger playground surfaces, while the option to order custom-cut lengths minimizes product waste and helps to keep the turf within your budget. You can also order 4x5-foot pieces for smaller installations.

Play Time Playground Green 1-¼ Inch Turf with 1.25 Inch Pad

playground turf padding for safety

The Play Time Playground Green turf features a 1.25-inch pad, making it a safe and resilient flooring choice. The foam base layer offers valuable shock absorption, and this turf has a 5-foot certified fall height rating. It’s suitable for use on playgrounds with lower equipment.

This turf has many of the same features as the above product, including the SilverBack polyurethane coating and the ChargeGuard to prevent static discharge. Since it’s UV-protected, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Full rolls measure 15 x 100 feet, but you can purchase custom-cut lengths and 4x5-foot pieces.

Ordering Your Playground Turf Padding

Playground turf padding can be an excellent and safe addition to your playground. Contact the Greatmats customer service team if you have questions or need help placing your order. We’re happy to provide shipping quotes, help you calculate how much turf you need to order for your project and help you determine which product is best for your playground.