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Interlocking Rubber Playground Tiles - City of Elgin, Iowa

Date Published: 08-06 - 2019

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My name is Jim Knobloch and I’m on the Elgin City Council here in the town of Elgin, Iowa. We of course love our parks - try to maintain, keep current with all things to satisfy all age groups.
The updated playground area was to satisfy a lot of families that have moved into the community and wanted safer equipment and were concerned and sand and sawdust that were around the old equipment.
I took the liberty as I was researching the playground equipment to start searching the internet and low and behold Greatmats came up and I was intrigued with the beautiful website. A lot of different ideas - colors was phenomenal.
The way it’s designed, it does not trap water underneath it. It drains well. That was much to our liking.
There is a lot of penetrations that we had to work around but we found out that again great matting was very easy to cut, to maneuver, to layout and if we needed to shift because we were hitting something a splice or whatever it was amazing. We had all of this matting laid in 2 days with just 1 or two people. It went very well and as you can see it’s stayed there. It’s been two years now.
We liked it so well that the city superintendent happened to come by and said - Hey Jim why don’t we look at doing around the swing set too? - rather than have Greatmats and then on to sand or sawdust which we had around the swing set.
It was a no brainer to call Greatmats and say can we get so many more square feet. Color match - of course we haven’t had any color problems with it.
It’s like putting a puzzle together - just keep right on going. Even - we had some special angles in it and it turned out very well. It was very, very nice.
We have volleyball courts. We have summer rec programs, volleyball tournaments, we have a lot of things that families really enjoy. Where parent’s can be playing those sports and children can be playing on this phenomenal equipment and also enjoy the matting. It’s been a great, great fit.


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