Outdoor Rubber Flooring Mats & Tiles

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Types of Outdoor Rubber Flooring

Outdoor rubber flooring from Greatmats delivers outstanding durability in any kind of weather and temperature conditions. Outdoor rubber mats are waterproof and can go directly over a deck, playground, or roof patio.

Some rubber outdoor flooring delivers cushioning properties on the playground, protecting children from falling. Outdoor rubber tiles are easy to clean with a push broom and garden hose, reducing maintenance requirements versus mulch or grass playgrounds.

Outdoor rubber flooring can transform hard, unforgiving locations into comfortable outdoor areas ideal for entertaining guests. Choose from interlocking deck tiles and matting with puzzle or straight edges.

Outdoor Rubber Tiles or Mats

Using rubber tiles for outdoor locations is especially popular at playgrounds. Rubberized tiles use interlocking edges to remain together, even when placed under stress. They provide a sure footing for kids running across the playground.

Swing Set Mats

At a playground with swings and slides, children often drag their feet under this equipment to create ruts, which collect water after rainstorms. Using our swing set mat under play equipment prevents the formation of ruts.

Ground Cover Mats

Outdoor rubber matting made to cover the ground is ideal for places like concrete patios, wood decks, and terraces. Our rubber mats for outdoor use do not slide out of place easily, and they do not degrade in sunlight and freezing temperatures.

Industrial Outdoor Matting

At an industrial location where you want to install exterior rubber flooring, our floor mats are an ideal selection. They often contain recycled rubber, which is a great way for a business to create an eco-friendly type of installation.

Benefits of Outdoor Rubber Mats & Tiles

Considering the many benefits that they offer, it's clear why they're so popular, including:
  1. They can transform an unfriendly, hard space into a comfortable, welcoming spot that’s perfect for gatherings. This allows customers to fully use their yards and home spaces.
  2. They are highly durable and work in several climates.
  3. They will survive UV damage from harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures far better than others.
  4. They provide comfort for standing and walking.
  5. They maximize traction, especially if they're wet.
  6. They are typically made of recycled tires, making them an eco-friendly choice.
  7. These are available in easily manageable sizes designed for quick and hassle-free installation.
  8. If one becomes worn or damaged, replace it rather than replacing the entire layout.

Outdoor Rubber Flooring Q&A

Can rubber flooring be used outside?

Yes, as outdoor rubber flooring does not break down in widely varying temperatures or under exposure to UV light. It also stands up to strong wind, thunderstorms, snow, sleet, or hail. It does not absorb water, while being resistant to mold and mildew formation.

Can you lay rubber tiles on the grass?

Although rubber mats will flex and conform to an uneven grassy area, we do not recommend use over grass. Rubber blocks sunlight, and the weight of the material could crush the grass blades. Rubber flooring works better over a compacted surface, like gravel or concrete.

What are the best large outdoor rubber mats?

Often, the best large rubber mats for exterior locations appear at the entrance to a building, providing traction and a place to scrape feet. They may have a perforated design that allows rainwater to drain through them.