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When seeking to perfectly finish an outdoor space, making it safer and more comfortable, the right outdoor flooring is a cost-effective option.

Greatmats carries a wide range of tiles and mats that will stand up to all kinds of weather. You can browse our list of products to generate useful ideas for any outdoor flooring plan. These flooring options are available in multiple colors and materials.

Size and Shape Options

We offer our outdoor flooring products in both tile and mat formats. The tiles have a square shape, which greatly simplifies installation, while the mats will have a rectangular shape, allowing them to cover more ground.

When selecting tiles, our outdoor models appear in sizes of either 1x1 or 2x2 feet. The smaller tiles will work better on a deck or patio, where there’s a limited amount of space to cover. The larger tiles work better for large spaces, such as a basketball court, a splash pad, or a playground mat.

Our rectangular mats are available in sizes of 32x54 inches, making them the best option to place under playground swings or at the end of a slide. They will protect this high-traffic area from developing ruts and becoming muddy as children play and wear away the ground.

Material Options

We offer a wide range of materials in our outdoor flooring products. They will fit into almost any budget, as we have cheap flooring that stands up to the elements, as well as high-end flooring that looks amazing.


Rubber tiles and mats are popular, as they have a bit of cushioning while remaining extremely durable. They also provide a sure footing for children while running.


PVC plastic is another common selection for use as exterior flooring. It yields a nice level of cushioning, so some people place it over the top of an old, worn wood deck to freshen up the space.

Rubber/Foam Blend

A rubber foam blend works well at a splash pad or around an outdoor pool, as it stands up to water and bright sunlight without fading. It prevents slips with its grippy texture.


When going over the top of gravel or soft ground, a polypropylene plastic tile may be the best choice. This creates a firm floor for outdoor gatherings where you may want to set up tables and chairs.

Pattern and Texture Options

Some of our outdoor tiles have bright color options available, which look great around a pool. Because of the square shape of these tiles, you can easily mix and match colors to create the desired look in the final layout.

Some of the rubber foam blend tiles have a slight texture over the top, which enhances the sure footing they provide. When the tiles are wet, they won’t be slippery, thanks to the texture.

Common Use Options

Our outdoor flooring works in any area where designers want to create a fresh look, such as over old concrete or wood on a deck or patio. Lay them out and install them around a pool or hot tub as well.

Because many of these tiles have perforations, they will allow rainwater to drain through to the ground below, preventing the pooling of water on top of the tiles.

Our rubber outdoor mats will work nicely to prevent erosion in any areas where the ground wears away under foot traffic or where pets dig. Placing our mats underneath a swing set, where kids may drag their feet to create ruts, will keep the ground from wearing away.

Some of these models will work as indoor installations too. Consider placing the rubber foam blend tiles over vinyl in a locker room or sauna, creating a safe area by preventing slips.

Installation Options

Installing some of our outdoor flooring products may require adding glue. The glue adheres the tiles to the concrete or asphalt underneath, creating a secure installation that won’t slide around. This type of installation works best in a playground or around a pool.

With other models of these tiles, installation is far easier. They use an interlocking edge design, which means they pop together with a little bit of force. There’s no need to add glue or adhesive to these tiles. If desired, quickly disassemble and pick up the tiles later to return to the original subfloor.

Some of these tiles may have a ramped border edge that interlocks with the main tile. This eliminates the effect of the lip of the tile, reducing a tripping hazard.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Our outdoor tiles do not require any special maintenance to keep them in top condition or extend their lifespan.

Because these tiles have a design made for outdoor use, you can wash off any debris with a gentle power washer or with a garden hose and a spray nozzle.

To remove stubborn stains on the surface of the tiles, scrub them with a soft-bristled broom and a neutral pH cleaner. Then rinse the tiles and allow them to air dry.