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Perforated Patio Tile Comparison - StayLock Tiles vs. Patio Outdoor Tiles

Date Published: 09-19 - 2016

Let’s compare Greatmats perforated patio tiles. Perforated Patio Tiles are designed to provide a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space unaffected by water.

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Today, we’ll compare two of Greatmats’ most popular PVC modular patio tiles - Staylock Perforated Tiles and Patio Outdoor Tiles. Both are 1x1 foot in size, made of soft, flexible and waterproof PVC plastic, are approximately ½ inch thick and feature a raised base. They are both comfortable on bare feet and will not allow water to pool on their surface.

Their differences lie in safety features, perforation and raised base pattern, color options and warranties.

Staylock perforated tiles feature an anti-fatigue additive that helps relieve stress on your body. They also carry a critical fall height protection of up to 20 inches as rated by the ASTM. Patio Outdoor Tiles have not undergone any fall height testing.

The surface of the StayLock Tiles are perforated with 224 triangular shaped holes, with the largest being 11/16 x 5/16 inch in diameter. Each Outdoor patio tile is perforated with 692 holes including 576 squares 1/4x1/4 inch in size, 72 rectangular shaped holes 11/16 inch in length by ⅛ inch wide, and 64 circular holes 3/16 inch in diameter.

On the underside, Patio Outdoor Tiles are equipped with 265 peg legs to stabilize the elevated tile. Staylock Perforated tiles feature 49 t-shaped feet in addition to an outer rim, segmented by three heavy duty interlocks on each side. The under structure of the Staylock tile is soft and safe for rubber roofing membranes. Outdoor Patio tiles have eight small interlocks on each side.

Patio Outdoor Tiles are available in three colors and carry a 1 year warranty. Staylock Tiles are available in five colors as well as black and feature a 5 year warranty.

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