Turf for Gym Sleds and Agility

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Agility turf training and push sledding work require a certain type of surface. Gym turf from Greatmats provides a perfect surface for functional fitness centers, athletic studios, and cross fitness gyms.

Gym Turf Flooring

When considering the various types of custom turf flooring for a gym, it’s important to pick safe surfaces. With 365 sled strip turf, we’ve created a material that’s slip resistant. It delivers just the right level of cushioning. Certain models will help an athlete resist skin burns if he or she falls on the ground.

At Greatmats, we offer a variety of made-in-America designs. Count on the quality of the materials we use. They will last a long time, providing safe faux grass surfaces for a workout.

Compared to used products, new rolled products have a better level of performance. Customers appreciate finding a gym with Greatmats gym turf available.

Our standard roll will measure 15 by 100 feet. However, we do have specific cut lengths for our strength and conditioning turf. We have the perfect fit for a gym.

Because a roll can be extremely heavy, the install may be tricky. Please contact our team with questions regarding the shipment and installation of the sled turf strip.

For large gyms with turf, we recommend gluing it down. To minimize tripping hazards from seams between sections, we recommend seam tape. This is a smart choice if sliding football and weight sleds - or prowlers - across the workout turf.

Padded Athletic Turf for Sale

Regardless of the plans for installing, we have the right model. Our Gym Turf 365 product delivers a great surface for indoor sports, especially if it may need to be rolled up afterward to return to the subfloor. It requires no infill or adhesive, simplifying the process. 

Athletes will often use it to perform footwork drills. The recycled rubber cushioned padding on the back side will keep the athletes’ joints safer from repetitive stress injuries.

Working with sleds can be among the most challenging workouts. But our gym floors stand up to them.

Cross Fitness Turf Durability

This is a perfect pick for turf for cross fitness gym workouts too, as it has the durability required for maximum longevity and performance levels.

To receive the greatest longevity, limit the use of cleated shoes. Most of our gym turf strip products require the use of molded cleats 0.5 inches in length or less.

To avoid wear spots, move goal mouths for soccer or lacrosse to various areas for practice each day in the gyms with indoor turf. Leaving the goal in one location will cause significant wear over time.

For quarterly and annual maintenance, inspect all of the seams and replace any loose adhesive. Portable indoor turf should be inspected for holes quarterly too.

Using a turf sled at a fitness center can open up some new options for an athlete. Stick with athletic gym turf to ensure a professional look that will hold up for years of regular use. Many of our styles have a protective coating for high-traffic areas.  

Our non-rubber infill turf design builds upon the strengths of past versions of the product. Yet it has a higher level of wear resistance than older models.

We offer varying levels of pile height. This simplifies the process of finding the best length for any kind of activity, including baseball, softball, soccer, football, track and field, or fitness training.

Another benefit is its noise-dampening properties. In areas with pushing sleds, strength training, or weights, noise is common. It counteracts the echoing of noise, creating a more comfortable environment. Coaches can provide instruction without having to scream over the clang of equipment.

Gym Indoor Turf Installations

For those athletic centers that prefer an easy-to-install interlocking mat, we have a quality selection. Other options are rolls, which allow the layout process to go quickly. They can cover a wide area in a hurry.

For those facilities that prefer a roll, they are easy to cut with a utility knife and a straight edge.

We also offer pre-cut strips to fit a pre-configured area. Just contact us to learn more about the custom size choices that are available.

Some are even made for an outdoor gym turf use case. This means they have UV protection and can stand up to any type of weather. This style works nicely for a sports field or golf practice area. It has the benefit of looking like real grass without the maintenance requirements. 

Although the typical customer likes a green color, we have a few additional colors available, including navy blue and black custom gym turf. Sometimes, a customer is seeking a style that fits in with the color scheme of the athletic facility. We can accommodate many of those color needs, including turf for a home gym.

Depending on the requirements, some of our customers even choose to paint white lines on after installation. This helps athletes track distances easily and maintain a consistent stride. 

With so many options, it can be difficult to select the best one. Please call our knowledgeable customer service team to have all your questions answered. We can make precise recommendations based on the needs of the facility.

FAQ Gym Turf Q&A

How much does indoor gym turf cost?

Rolls of artificial turf are extremely economical, running $4 to $7 per square ft. For an interlocking flooring solution with exercise turf, expect to pay $9 to $25 per square foot. Those with a taller pile or thicker padding will be on the upper end of the price range.

How do you lay indoor turf for sale?

With interlocking tiles, these pieces fit together almost like a puzzle, which simplifies installation. One person can carry and pop the tiles together. Rolls are heavier and usually require multiple people to move them. These are suitable for glue-down installs. 

Can turf be laid on concrete?

Look for padded models if going atop concrete. Commonly, the padding measures 5 mm in thickness (about 0.2 inches). When coupled with the realistic texture of the nylon blade material, an athlete will have plenty of cushioning for a workout. 

How do you clean gym turf tiles?

They are easy to maintain. We recommend cleaning them daily, every few days, or weekly, depending on the frequency of workouts. Customers can use vacuums or leaf blowers across the surface. Don’t allow food, chewing gum, or sunflower seeds in the area.

Can you put heavy things on artificial grass?

Vehicles are not recommended on it unless plywood or ground protection mats are placed over it to protect it. We sell a variety of protective products designed to maintain the integrity.